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New Deal History: Revisited & Revised

News items that discuss and rethink the New Deal and its impact on America.

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  • A New Deal for Dalhart: Reviving a Rural Texas Town
    • May 30, 2023
    “The thirties began in economic depression and in drought. The first of these disasters usually gets all the attention, although for many Americans living on farms, drought was the more serious problem,” Donald Worster wrote in his 1979 Bancroft Prize-winning chronicle, Dust Bowl. This could not be truer than in ...
  • Favorite New Deal Site: Charles S. Farnsworth County Park
    • May 30, 2023
    Tell Us About Your Favorite New Deal Site Spectacularly Unpretentious: Charles S. Farnsworth County ParkAltadena, California I discovered this beloved 15-acre park in the foothills of the San GabrielMountains soon after moving to Altadena eight years ago. I was struck by the hand-laidstonework installed by young men from the CCC camp at nearby Earl Canyon. Between1933-34, ...
  • When the Dust Settled
    • May 30, 2023
    When the Dust Settled On April 14, 1935, known as “Black Sunday,” a dark cloud roiled the Great Plains. The dust storm carried 300 million tons of Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas east to the Atlantic Ocean. A decade-long drought, overgrazing and poor farming practices dried up 100 million acres of prairie, ...
  • Growing up Roosevelt, A Conversation with Anna Eleanor Seagraves
    • May 25, 2023
    Since 2005, when The Living New Deal began the work of documenting the New Deal’s achievements across the country, we’ve been fortunate to have members of the Roosevelt family on our team. Descendants of FDR and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt have advised and supported our organization from the start. Several ...
  • A New Deal for Youth
    • April 28, 2023
    Sources disagree over how much First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt had to prod her husband to establish the National Youth Administration (NYA). However, there is no question that Mrs. Roosevelt was deeply troubled over the plight of the nation’s youth—that they might become another stranded or lost generation. This fear, moreover, ...
  • Favorite New Deal Site: Beach Chalet
    • April 28, 2023
    Tell Us About Your Favorite New Deal Site A View of the Past: The San Francisco Beach ChaletCalifornia City officials relocated the popular two-story Beach Chalet from Ocean Beach to the foot of Golden Gate Park in 1925 when storm waves nearly overtook the building. The Spanish Revival-style former bathhouse and snack ...
  • New Dealish: Happy Days Are Here Again
    • April 28, 2023
    In 1933 Congress passed the Beer and Wine Revenue Act, also known as the Cullen-Harrison Act, allowing the sale and government taxation of alcoholic beverages with no more than 3.2 percent alcohol content, considered too low to be intoxicating. The sale of even low-content alcohol had been prohibited since 1920 ...
  • Winning Back a Lost Generation
    • April 13, 2023
      Winning Back a Lost Generation As the Great Depression deepened and families fell into poverty, many young people left home to fend for themselves. Youth unemployment spiraled to 30 percent. For many, finding work meant quitting school. Some saw few alternatives to joining gangs. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt anguished at the ...
  • New-Deal-Built Lava Elementary School in Idaho to Potentially Close
    • March 10, 2023
    The Marsh Valley School District Board of Trustees plans to discuss the closure of the school because of a budget shortfall and its declining student population. The school has only 68 students. The Lava High School gymnasium was built in 1934 under the Public Works Administration as part of the ...
  • New Deal-Built Gym in Pine Village, IN to be Demolished in March 2023
    • February 27, 2023
    WPA-built Elementary school gymnasium, formerly a high school gymnasium, will be demolished in March 2023. Despite the installation of a new roof, the concrete walls structure have deteriorated to such extent that the structure cannot be saved. Indiana-based Living New Deal associates, Glory-June Greiff and Doug Logan, have documented the ...
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