Armory (former) Improvements – Wallingford CT

W.P.A. improvements to the historic former Armory building in Wallingford, CT, included: “Repair and improve state armory building” Official Project Number: 165‐15‐2102 Total project cost: $1,828.00 Sponsor: State of Connecticut Quartermaster General’s Department “Paint and varnish interior and exterior of building”… read more

City Hall (former) – Artesia NM

Old City Hall: plaque, Artesia, NM

The former combination city hall and library in Artesia, New Mexico was constructed with the assistance of federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds in 1939. The PWA provided a $13,975 grant for the project, whose total cost was $31,250. Construction… read more

Fullerton Police Department (Old City Hall) – Fullerton CA

Fullerton Police Department

"Presently occupied by Fullerton Police Department, this graceful three-level building with Spanish Colonial Revival architecture was originally dedicated as the City Hall in July 1942. The concrete building is L-shaped, with a three-story tower and cupola placed at the central… read more

Municipal Building – Skiatook OK

This building was constructed by the WPA in 1940: “A rectangular…structure, the Skiatook Municipal Building looks very much like an armory. It is constructed of dressed and lightly rusticated native sandstone laid randomly…It appears to be a military armory, but… read more

Municipal Building – Springville NY

This building was constructed as Springville’s municipal and fire hall building by the WPA in 1936-1937. It no longer appears to house the fire department, but continues to serve as a municipal building housing the police department, court and other… read more

Murphy School – Murphy TX

“There is a Work Projects Administration plaque, dated 1938-1940, on the front of the building, and the school’s cornerstone references the WPA and the dates 1939-1940. A Texas Historical Marker at the rear entrance (which is the main entrance today)… read more

Police Department – Thomasville NC

The Police Department headquarters in Thomasville, North Carolina was originally built as the community’s city hall and municipal building during the Great Depression. Construction of the Art Deco-style building was enabled by the federal Public Works Administration (PWA), which provided… read more

Post Office (former) – Rensselaer NY

The historic post office in Rensselaer, New York was constructed as a federal Public Works Administration (PWA) project with Treasury Department funds. The building, which was completed in 1936, has since been re-purposed as the town’s police department building.

Post Office (former) – Rockville MD

Constructed by the Treasury Department and PWA in 1938, and now used as a city police station. “By the mid-1930s, Rockville’s population was about 1,500, County government had erected the Grey Courthouse, and across the street arose a stately bank… read more

Redlands City Hall (former) – Redlands CA

Old Redlands City Hall

From the Redlands history page: “Built during the WPA depression days, the building has been designated as the future location of the Redlands Historical Museum. Replacing the original Richardsonian masterpiece that mysteriously burned in 1939, this civic style building with… read more