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  • Atlantic Hose House (abandoned) - Augusta ME
    According to the auditors report in the 1934 town report, the CWA was involved in reconstruction of the fire station known as the Atlantic Hose House. According to a 2016 city report, the building is currently in a severe case of decay. For a time it was used by the Cony High School athletic department across the street for storage and activities but has been empty for several years, and boarded up. The city recommends that it be razed due to its condition.
  • Auburn City Hall and Firehouse (former) - Auburn CA
    This art deco style WPA building is no longer used for official business. Now the fire station side holds the Boys and Girls Club, while the other side is used by small businesses.
  • Auburndale Fire Station (former) Repairs - Newton MA
    The W.P.A. conducted repair and improvement work on numerous civic facilities in Newton, Massachusetts, including at the since-demolished Auburndale fire station.
  • Back Bay Fire Co. No. 4 Station - Biloxi MS
    Works Progress Administration (WPA) project No. 3544 started 10/05/1935 included 3 additional fire stations. WPA funding supplied $13,495.01 and the sponsor $9,513.78 for payroll, materials, and equipment. Ground was broken for the new Back Bay fire station on the north side of Elder Street between Lameuse and Reynoir Street. The Back Bay station was expected to take 90 days and cost about $5,000. It contained a one engine garage, bed room, bath, kitchen and breakfast room, with a 20 by 30 foot assembly room. The brick and concrete block building was designed in Colonial Style by architect John T. Collins....
  • Bakersfield Central Fire Station #1 - Bakersfield CA
    This fire station was constructed by the PWA in 1939 and remains in use today.
  • Balboa Park: Fire Station - San Diego CA
    SERA crews built this small fire station in Balboa Park in conjunction with the California Pacific International Exhibition – the first structure built. It is unclear if it survives, and if so where it is located.
  • Belmont Fire House (former) - Belmont CA
    Construction on Belmont's central fire station was begun in 1935 by SERA and completed under the direction of the WPA using local labor. The station hired its first two employees in 1938. Presently, the building houses Belmont's Center for Independence of the Disabled (https://www.cidbelmont.org).
  • Bluxome Street Fire House - San Francisco CA
    This is now San Francisco Fire Station No. 8
  • Boyes Springs-Sonoma County Fire Station - Sonoma CA
    Built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), this Mission Revival-style fire station was built in 1936. The building has been substantially altered since its original construction.
  • Cal Fire Station #12 - San Luis Obispo CA
    In 1937, the California Department of Natural Resources sponsored the Works Progress Administration to "Construct warehouse, garage, barracks, and residence; install refrigeration plant, water mains, and sewer facilities; landscape and improve grounds; and perform other appurtenant and incidental work, at and in the City of San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County. All work under this project is in connection with the construction and development of buildings and facilities to be used solely in the prosecution of the normal functions of the State Forestry Division, Department of Natural Resources. In addition to projects specifically approved. State owned property." WPA...
  • CalFire Humboldt-Del Norte Unit - Fortuna CA
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built an administration and residence building for the fire-fighting arm of the California Division of Forestry in Humboldt County in 1941.  This is now a unit of Cal-Fire, the statewide forest and wildfire agency. The four or five building complex appears to have been constructed all at the same time and in the same style.  It is not clear if the WPA work went beyond a single building or the Division of Forestry added the rest of the structures.
  • Carmel Firehouse - Carmel CA
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built the Carmel Firehouse in 1936-1937. Carmel has used a volunteer fire department since 1915. The architect of record was Milton Latham, supervised by Bernard Rountree. The stone-clad facade is multi-hued and meant to echo the abundant use of stone in buildings around Carmel-by-the-Sea. There were 4 bays for firetrucks in the original building with a fifth bay added later. This firehouse appears to be used primarily for emergency vehicles now. The second floor was accessed on the west side of the structure via a steep stairway, part of the original structure, and included fire poles from the...
  • Central Fire Station - Ada OK
    The Central Fire Station in Ada, Oklahoma, was constructed by the Public Works Administration (PWA), under the supervision of architect Robert F. Ferguson, consulting engineer George Taylor, and contractor Arney Harbert. It is a two-story stone block building with four overhead door vehicle bays. A tall hose tower is located on the building's south side.
  • Central Fire Station - Austin TX
    "This building is part of a project which also included the addition of two new wings of approximately 16,500 square feet to the existing city hall, its renovation, the wrecking of an old fire station, and the construction of concrete walks and drives. The fire station occupies one fourth of a city block and is provided with wide entrances on two streets. It is two stories in height and contains space on the ground floor for fire trucks and equipment, a recreation room, and offices for the fire chief, fire marshal, and the radio broadcasting unit. The second...
  • Central Fire Station - Biloxi MS
    Works Progress Administration (WPA) project No. 3544 started 10/05/1935 included 3 additional fire stations. WPA funding supplied $13,495.01 and the sponsor $9,513.78 for payroll, materials, and equipment. Hook & Ladder, adjacent to L & N Depot, on Main Street. The Central Fire Station construction was begun 04/20/1937 with an expected cost of about $10,000. The formal opening of the new fire station was July 1 when the old Hook and Ladder Company hall was vacated with the final departure of a parade of equipment and personnel to the new station on Main Street. The new station was 46 x 71 feet,...
  • Central Fire Station - Greenwich CT
    Greenwich's Central Fire Station was constructed in 1937-9 as a New Deal project. The Public Works Administration (PWA) provided a $119,250 grant for the project, whose total cost was $326,788. PWA Docket No. CT 1274. CTHistory: "In February 1936 the Board of Selectmen recommended “the appointment of a paid fire chief who shall have charge of all fire departments within the town, the appointment of a 15-man force to be on duty at all times in the Central Fire Station, installation of an automatic fire alarm system to be housed in the Central Fire Station.” In addition $45,000 (over $700,000 today) was approved...
  • Central Fire Station - Hilo HI
    Hilo, Hawaii's Central Fire Station was constructed during the late 1930s with the assistance of federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds. The PWA contributed nearly half the project cost by way of a grant of $35,100; the final cost of the project was $71,919. Construction on the station began in November 1938 and was completed September 1939.
  • Central Fire Station - Honolulu HI
    The Central Fire Station at 104 Beretania Street, in Honolulu, Hawaii. This firehouse was built with the assistance of funds from the New Deal's Public Works Administration (PWA), 1934-1935. P.W.A. Docket No. T. H. 2633-7
  • Central Fire Station (former) - Saco ME
    Sometimes mis-attributed to the Works Progress Administration (WPA), the historic former Central Fire Station in Saco, Maine was constructed with federal Public Works Administration (P.W.A.) funds. The P.W.A. contributed a $27,000 grant toward the project, whose total cost was $60,928. Construction occurred between Aug. 1938 and Mar. 1939. PWA Docket No. ME W1022. "he Central Fire Station has been a significant landmark in the Saco community from the very beginning. The brick firehouse, designed to reflect an ongoing heritage from an earlier tradition of civic service and public safety, well served its role from its construction until January 2011, when a...
  • Chestertown Town Hall (formerly Fire House) - Chestertown MD
    According to a wayside marker at the current Chestertown Firehouse (see photo and source note 1 below), the Chestertown Town Hall, at 118 N. Cross Street, was Chestertown’s firehouse for forty years (1938-1978). The old Chestertown Firehouse was one of 325 new firehouses built by WPA workers between 1935 and 1943. And, in addition to these new constructions, WPA workers engaged in hundreds of other projects to repair or improve existing firehouses (Federal Works Agency 1946). There can be little doubt that thousands of fires across America have been responded to, and put out, thanks in part to facilities built or improved...
  • Chestnut Hill Fire Station (former) Repairs - Newton MA
    The W.P.A. conducted repair and improvement work on numerous civic facilities in Newton, Massachusetts, including at the former Chestnut Hill fire station.
  • City Fire Station Renovation - Parkersburg WV
    The Works Progress Administration completed repairs and renovations for the City Fire Station, Parkersburg. The exact location of these facilities is unknown to the Living New Deal.
  • City Hall - Alpine UT
    The historic Alpine City Hall was constructed in 1936 as a New Deal project with Works Progress Administration (WPA) labor. It included meeting rooms, an assembly room, public library, jail and fire station. The architecture is a melange of New England Colonial and Renaissance Revival styles, with a bell tower and entry flanked by capped stone pilasters and urns and topped off with a sunburst under the archway.    The Utah State Historic marker, placed in 1992, declares: "...this building represents the significant impact of New Deal programs in providing both jobs and public facilities. It is one of over 240 buildings constructed...
  • City Hall - Sebastopol CA
    In 1935, the WPA demolished Sebastopol’s original wood-frame city hall and replaced it with a reinforced concrete building containing both municipal offices and a fire station. The Santa Rosa architectural firm, William F. Herbert and Clarence A. Caulkins designed the building in the Streamline Moderne, a style they also applied to the 1936 New Deal-financed Park Side School, located a few blocks to the west. Seeking more space, the fire department moved to McKinley Street in the 1960s. The core of the structure built by the WPA lies behind a 1974 renovation that created a redwood and brick pergola across...
  • City Hall (former) - Lake City FL
    In 1936, the Works Progress Administration built the Armory, City Hall, Police Department, and Fire Department in Lake City, Florida. All departments were combined in one building.  
  • City Hall & Fire Station - Kearney NE
    Kearney made an application for funding for a city hall in 1935, however the bond issue failed and the Public Works Administration (PWA) money was never allocated at that time. In 1938, Kearney was given a grant from the PWA for the construction of a new city hall, however the project would once again have to undergo a bond issue election, which meant that a political campaign was quickly initiated by the proponents of the project. Petitions for the special election were submitted within two weeks of notification of the grant, signatures having been largely obtained by Kearney firemen who...
  • City Hall and Fire Station - Cloverdale CA
    Construction of Cloverdale's joint city hall and fire station began under California's State Emergency Relief Administration; it was completed with federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) labor.
  • City Hall and Fire Station - Mineola TX
    In 1902 Mineola's city hall burned. For over 20 year they operated out of rental property. In 1929 the city bought this property and in 1929 the city started to build a combination fire house/city hall. The fire house was completed in 1931 but then the city ran out of money. According to a newspaper article, in August of 1940 the city applied for WPA funds to complete the city hall. Other sources say the city hall was completed in 1939.
  • City Hall and Fire Station (former) - Mount Vernon TX
    WPA funds in the amount of $4,711 were appropriated for the construction of the City Hall in 1940.  The cost of the building was estimated at $8,100.  The building is two stories, of natural stone, and contains a garage for two fire trucks.  The second floor was utilized as an auditorium and city offices were on the first floor. The building currently serves as the Fire Station Museum.
  • City Hall and Fire Station (former) - Pinehurst NC
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) and Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) dramatically improved the former multi-purpose municipal building at 45 Community Road in Pinehurst, North Carolina. "In Pinehurst, Moore County, project No. 63-B4-5, transferred from the Civil Works Administration, has provided a combination city hall, fire station and public hall. An old community building was remodeled under this project to provide more adequate municipal facilities."
  • City Island Firehouse - Bronx NY
    The building housing FDNY Engine 70, Ladder 53 on City Island was constructed in 1939 by the Work Projects Administration. This firehouse has a plaque confirming its New Deal origin. This is one of the few New Deal plaques in New York. The City Island Firehouse plaque reads. CITY OF NEW YORK F. H. LA GUARDIA MAYOR FIRE DEPARTMENT JOHN J. McELLIGOTT FIRE CHIEF & COMMISSIONER DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION UNDER THE SUPOERVSION OF THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS IRVING V. A. HUIE COMMISSIONER ERECTED BY WORK PROJECTS ADMINISTRATION 1939 The building is still in service and houses two fire companies and two trucks. In 2012, the firehouse was proposed for closure, as part of Mayor Bloomberg's...
  • City of Charleston Fire Station No. 2 - Charleston WV
    One of several fire stations built in the New Deal in Charleston West Virginia. This station was listed on as contributing on the Elk City Historic District (08000392). The building is no longer used for a fire station but remains in use for businesses. The bay doors are infilled. The immediate building to the northeast is connected to the firehouse but is unclear if it an older building attached to the firehouse or part of the entire project. The NRHP nomination states: KA-4883. 601 TENNESSEE AVENUE commercial BB&T Carson Insurance Services Fire House date: 1939 Kanawha County, WV County and State Page 9 description: Very...
  • City of Charleston Fire Station No. 6 - Charleston WV
    One of several fire stations built in the City of Charleston under the New Deal.
  • Cochituate Fire Station (former) Improvements - Wayland MA
    The W.P.A. conducted improvement work to the former Cochituate fire station. Work included interior and exterior repainting.
  • Colden Fire Hall (former) - Colden NY
    This brick fire hall was constructed as Colden's Fire Station #1 by the WPA: "In the 1930’s plans were drawn for a new Station #1 to be located across the street from the hall of the time next to Cazenovia Creek. Near the end of the Great Depression Colden managed to have this hall built through the Works Progress Administration. This hall included one truck bay, a downstairs meeting room and an upstairs gymnasium that was used for basketball games, dances, and other social events. In the 1940’s two additional truck bays were built on the side of the original hall."  ...
  • Colonel DeWitt Fire Station (former) Improvements - Oxford MA
    Oxford, Massachusetts's old Colonel DeWitt Fire Station, located on Barton Street, received modest assistance from Federal Emergency Relief Administration funds in 1934. The current status of the building is unknown to Living New Deal.
  • Colton Fire Station - Colton CA
    "Station 211, located at 303 East "E" St, was constructed in 1936 by the City of Colton and the Works Progress Administration. It is considered a historical landmark by the Historical Preservation Commission, and is Landmark No. 10. Station 211 also serves as administrative headquarters. The Fire Chief and five administrative support staff, along with six suppression personnel, work at 211. One Battallion Chief, Captain, Engineer, Firefighter, and two Paramedics respond from this station on Truck 211, and Squad 211." - City of Colton Fired Department Website
  • Coral Gables Museum - Coral Gables FL
    Originally the local police and fire station. "The Coral Gables Public Safety Building, more commonly referred to as the Old Police and Fire Station, was built in 1939 on the corner of Argon Avenue and Salzedo Street. Phineas Paist, the city's principal architect, included a courtroom and a jail in his design of the building. The structure is constructed of oolitic limestone, a type of rock native to this area. The Salzedo Street side of the building is decorated with impressive carvings of firefighters, as well as images of the people and pets that they are sworn to save from fires...
  • David Street Fire Station Improvements - Casper WY
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) worked to improve the 1921 David Street Fire Station, also known as Fire Department Station 1, in Casper, Wyoming. Cassity: "The beautiful, but already aging, David Street Fire Station in Casper gained its share of attention when workers painted and applied a calcimine, chalky solution to the walls and ceilings."
  • Des Moines Fire Department - Des Moines IA
    "This is a modern fire station which includes not only all the necessary facilities for the fighting but also provisions for training, recreation, housing of personnel, and maintenance of all equipment. The building is located in the business district of the city at the intersection of two important streets which are not, however, arteries of excessive traffic. In addition to the building illustrated, the project includes a shop building and a drill tower. The headquarters building is rectangular in plan, 128 by 117 feet. The apparatus room provides space for five units of rolling stock besides space for...
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