Duniway Park (improved) – Portland OR

Work Relief Crews at Duniway Park improving the area from landfill to park - Portland OR

Although Duniway Park was founded in 1918 to serve residents in south Portland, improvements had been limited and those who used it complained of the odors associated with the landfill that originally established the playground area. In 1934, the Oregon’s… read more

Eastern Avenue Improvements – Washington DC

The Civil Works Administration (CWA) and the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) carried out pavement repair and other unspecified improvements to a long segment of Eastern Avenue, from Bunker Hill Road to Queens Chapel Road. This road was paved with “temporary… read more

Edgell Memorial Library Improvements – Framingham MA

In 1935 F.E.R.A./W.P.A. labor painted Framingham’s Edgell Library, and conducted plaster repair and woodwork varnishing. “On the outside the doors, sash, and some of the stone masonry were painted, and the rain water conductors were replaced or repaired.” The W.P.A…. read more

El Rodeo Elementary School Mural – Beverly Hills CA

Ballin, "Rudimentary Education," El Rodeo Elementary School – Beverly Hills CA

Hugo Ballin painted a mural, “Rudimentary Education,” at El Rodeo Elementary School in Beverly Hills, CA. Completed in 1934, the mural was funded by the Public Works of Art Project (PWAP) and—upon termination of the PWAP—the Federal and State Emergency… read more

Election Department Building (demolished) Repairs – Boston MA

A Boston Public Works Department report cited Federal Emergency Relief Administration (F.E.R.A.) labor as conducting the following work: “The Election Department building, at the corner of Broadway and Dorchester avenue, was repaired.” The building is no longer extant.

Elm Street Sewer – Hatfield MA

The federal Civil Works Administration (C.W.A.) and Federal Emergency Relief Administration (F.E.R.A.) furnished the cost of labor for the construction of a 750-foot-long sewer along Elm Street in Hatfield, Massachusetts, including four catch basins for storm water. The Town of… read more

Fernridge Park Development – West Hartford CT

In 1933/4 the federal Civil Works Administration (C.W.A.) furnished the labor toward the development of Fernridge Park in West Hartford. A Report of Town Officials from 1934 states: With the aid of … C. W. A. labor, three additional tennis… read more

Fire Station (former) Improvements – Maynard MA

The Federal Emergency Relief Administration (F.E.R.A.) provided the labor for painting the then-fire station in Maynard, Massachusetts in 1934, at what was hailed “quite a savings” to local taxpayers. The old fire station was located at the site of what… read more