Sarsfield Playground – Brooklyn NY

On July 9, 1941, the Department of Parks announced the completion of what is now the Eugene Sarsfield Playground in Brooklyn. The press release announcing the park’s opening reported: “To provide a flat play surface it was necessary to construct… read more

Seaview Hospital Improvements – Staten Island NY

Seaview Hospital was a tuberculosis sanatorium constructed “between 1905 and 1938 and was the largest and most costly municipal facility for the treatment of tuberculosis of its date in the United States” (wikipedia). In addition to the nurses’ residence and… read more

Seward Park – New York NY

When the recreation area in Seward Park first opened in 1903, it was “the first permanent, municipally built playground in the United States” (NYC Parks). The park was significantly redeveloped during the New Deal. In April 1935, relief workers completed… read more

Split Rock Golf Course and Clubhouse – Bronx NY

The New York City Parks Department website declares: “Despite the hardships endured by New Yorkers over the course of the World Wars and the Great Depression, the demand for golf courses increased steadily. Under the tenure of Parks Commissioner Robert… read more

Springfield Park – Springfield Gardens NY

Springfield [Pond] Park was constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), and were “turned over to the Park Department” on August 18, 1939. “A three-acre lake, once a mosquito-breeding swamp, is the center of the Springfield Gardens development,” wrote The New York… read more