Banneker Recreation Center and Swimming Pool – Washington DC

The New Deal was heavily involved in the development of the Banneker Recreation complex. As part of a larger Capital Parks improvement program assisted by the PWA, WPA and CCC, New Deal agency work at Banneker included: “Swimming pools and… read more

Bowditch Field – Framingham MA

Sometimes referred to as the Union Avenue Athletic Field, “Bowditch Field is the town’s main athletic facility. It is located on Union Avenue midway between Downtown and Framingham Center and was the main athletic facility for the town. It houses… read more

Fort Snelling – St. Paul MN

The fort dates back the early nineteenth century, when it was used to “promote and protext the interests of the United States in the region’s fur trade” ( Between 1938 and 1940, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) performed structural renovation and… read more

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