Aberjona River Rechanneling – Winchester MA

Winchester.us: “During the 1930s the channel upstream of the Aberjona Pond was rechanneled, section by section, as ERA and WPA projects. The projects were based on recommendations by Herbert Kellaway, published in 1928. In the Kellaway plan, three ponds for… read more

Austin Cary Forest – Gainesville FL

In 1939, the federal Work Progress Administration (WPA) worked to develop Austin Cary Forest, a UCF facility used for “the purposes of academic teaching, research, extension education, and demonstration“. The WPA “built roads, buildings, and water draining ditches. And 100,000… read more

Beach Street Improvements – Manchester MA

Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) workers conducted erosion control and other improvement work along Beach Street in Manchester, Mass. WPA Bulletin: Protection from damaging tides is given by this Manchester WPA riprap wall constructed along Beach Street where commercial fishermen and… read more

Bennington Local Protection Project – Bennington VT

The Bennington Local Protection Project was undertaken by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), in Bennington, Vermont during the Great Depression. Later reconstruction projects were handled by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. “The Bennington Local Protection Project is located… read more

Breakheart Reservation – Saugus MA

The CCC conducted extensive work on Breakheart Reservation to turn it into a public park. From the Friends of Breakheart Reservation website: “[H]undreds of men lived and worked here, paid $30 a month, out of which they kept $5 and… read more

Breeds Pond Wall – Lynn MA

Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) workers worked at Breeds Pond in Lynn, Mass. WPA Bulletin: Bacterial dangers are eliminated by the WPA construction of several thousand yards of large-stone, rip-rap work, along the vertical banks of Breed’s Pond, one of Lynn’s… read more

Brimfield State Forest – Brimfield MA

The CCC assisted in the development of this state forest. From Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs: “This rustic shelter is the only one of its type still remaining. Dingley Dell Dam was another important CCC project at this… read more

Carson River (East Fork) Erosion Control – Gardnerville NV

The Civilian Conservation Corps, in conjunction with the Soil Erosion Service (SES) / Soil Conservation Service (SCS) worked to conduct erosion control work on the east fork of the Carson River. The work involved straightening sharp bends and stabilizing the… read more

Cat Canyon Tree Planting – Nye County NV

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) conducted afforestation and reforestation efforts in what were then known as “North Cat, Middle Cat, and South Cat” canyons, believed to be located on what is now restricted property in southern Nevada. The efforts were… read more

CCC Camp Heppner (former) – Heppner OR

In 1935, Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) workers completed Camp Heppner on a site just east of the Morrow County Fairgrounds’ race course and north of the Heppner Highway. From its founding to closure in November 1941, several CCC companies resided… read more

CCC Camp NM-3/SP-23 – Muir Woods National Monument CA

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) established a camp on Mount Tamalpais in October 1933 and CCC enrollees did extensive work around Mount Tamalpais in Marin County CA, north of the Golden Gate.  They carried out improvements in Muir Woods National… read more