Chief Son-I-Hat’s Whale House and Totems Historic District, Ha’u Pole – Kasaan AK

Craftsmen enrolled in the Civilian Conservation Corps restored the original Ha’u Pole. The Kasaan Haida Heritage Foundation describes the significance of the figures represented on the pole: “Sources recount that a man from the Tlingit village of Kake carved this… read more

Cove Lake State Park – Caryville TN

Cove Lake State Park, originally planned as Fort Mountain Park, was the third joint effort of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), and the National Parks Service (NPS). The initial 668-acre park was built along the… read more

Eastern New Mexico State Park (former) – Portales NM

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) developed the former Eastern New Mexico State Park, occasionally referred to as “Blackwater Draw Park”, ca. 1934-6. Flynn: “This CCC-built site was originally created to reforest 9,600 acres of that Dust Bowl area. Later the state… read more

Fort Bridger Restoration – Fort Bridger WY

Between 1935 and 1938, the WPA performed structural renovation and historic restoration work at this site. From the Bridger Valley Pioneer: One of the Valley projects funded by WPA was the artesian well in Fort Bridger. It still runs today,… read more

Fort Caspar Restoration – Casper WY

The WPA performed structural renovation and historic restoration work at this site. From the Casper, Wyoming website: “In 1936, Casper citizens and the Works Progress Administration reconstructed Platte Bridge Station using sketches made by Caspar Collins and others in the… read more

Fort Churchill Project Improvements – Lyon NV

“Father north, the park service was immersed in the restoration of Fort Churchill, an 1860s army post built along the Overland Emigrant Trail. Strategically located 65 miles east of Carson City, the post was abandoned in 1869 when its usefulness… read more