Mapping New Deal New York and Washington, DC

The Living New Deal is currently engaged in a major effort to expand our coverage of New Deal sites in and around Washington and New York City.  Because these are two central places in the national consciousness, they are key to educating the American people about the legacy of the New Deal and its public works.  LND Research Associates, Brent McKee and Evan Kalish, are hard at work in the National Archives, digging up data on WPA, PWA, FAP and other projects in their respective cities (Brent is our Mid-Atlantic Research Director and Evan is New York Research Director).  They have uncovered some veins of pure gold in terms of detailed tables, photographs and other archival goodies.  Here are our stalwarts  at work, when Gray Brechin visited and joined in the fun recently.

Brent & Evan at the National Archives

Brent & Evan at the National Archives, 2014
Brent & Evan at the National Archives
Photo Credit: Gray Brechin Creative Commons

Brent at the National Archives

Brent McKee, 2014
Brent at the National Archives
Photo Credit: Gray Brechin Commons

Richard A Walker is the director of the Living New Deal.

3 comments on “Mapping New Deal New York and Washington, DC

  1. Andrew Laverdiere

    Hi guys, would it be possible to get a copy of “The Proposed Inter-American Highway,” that was produced by the Bureau of Public Roads. U. S. Department of Agriculture during the FDR years with Henry Wallace leading it at the time. Googling the title says that it’s in this part of the National Archives in the 30.4 section.
    It would be interesting to see what kind of international work Wallace was getting into in carrying out FDR’s Good Neighbor policy, especially now that I’ve located a few bridges that the New Deal built in Honduras, Guatemala, and Panama.

  2. Thomas Watkins

    I would like to do the same research for Massachusetts and New York.

    Can you help me accomplish this task?

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