Lincoln State Park – Lincoln City IN

Lincoln State Park was occupied by three New Deal agencies from 1933-1942. The first agency to occupy Lincoln Park was the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC Company 1543 was active in Lincoln State Park from 1933-1934. The CCC laborers… read more

Municipal Road Improvements – Nashua NH

A huge amount of road, street, and sidewalk infrastructure work employed hundreds of the unemployed all throughout the life of the New Deal by the CWA, FERA, and WPA. Town reports throughout the 1930s document such work in Nashua, NH…. read more

Road Work – Concord NH

Municipal reports for the city of Concord report extensive New Deal road work throughout the 1930s. In 1933, the PWA contributed almost $5,000 to improvements on South Main St., South State St., Pleasant St., Warren St. and School St. The… read more