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  • Newton County Courthouse - Jasper AR
    Constructed of reinforced concrete and limestone “reflecting the native stone construction tradition" indigenous to the Ozark region, the two-story courthouse is a “restrained interpretation of the Art Deco style” (Story).
  • South Junior High School (former) - Abilene TX
    Abilene's South Junior High School, renamed Jefferson Middle School during the 1980s, was a 1942 WPA project. No longer a middle school, the building has "been used while other Abilene Independent School District campuses renovated."
  • Post Office Mural - North Bergen NJ
    The post office contains a 1942 Section of Fine Arts mural by Avery Johnson, “Purchase of Territory of North Bergen from the Indians."
  • CCC Camp Site - Milwaukee WI
    A wooden sign marks the site of former CCC Camp Bluemound, Company 2606, which operated in the vicinity from 1933-1942.
  • Prescott Park Development - Medford OR
    From 1933 to 1942, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) developed Prescott Park on Roxy Ann Peak on the east side of Medford, Oregon for public recreation.  The CCC enrollees constructed the access road, 18 miles of trails, several picnic areas and overlooks, and drainage ditches. Much of the CCC work is above the parking area and accessible only on foot. Prescott Park covers 1,740 acres on Roxy Ann Peak, a prominent hill east of the city of Medford (a remnant of volcanism in the old West Cascades). The lower slopes are characterized by oak savanna woodland and the higher elevations by...
  • School - Benjamin TX
    The WPA provided labor for the construction of the Knox County Courthouse and the school in Benjamin, Texas. The source below says the school was built in 1942, but the WPA plaque on the building says 1935-1937.
  • Possum Kingdom State Park - Caddo TX
    With financing from the Works Progress Administration, the Brazos River Conservation and Reclamation District (now the Brazos River Authority) completed Morris Sheppard Dam in 1941 creating Possum Kingdom Reservoir. The district transferred 6,969 acres of land to the State of Texas for parks around the lake. The original plans by the state included east and west units of Possum Kingdom State Park on opposite shorelines. Designers abandoned the east unit and focused on the west side. Civilian Conservation Company (CCC) Corps 2888 arrived in May 1941 and began work. The CCC enrollees provided utilities and basic services. They cleared the park...
  • North Junior High School (former) - Abilene TX
    North Junior High School, renamed Franklin Middle School during the 1980s, was a WPA project constructed during 1942. The building was demolished at the end of 2010 (or very early 2011) and the Mary P. Martinez Elementary School was built in its place. The Abilene Reporter-News reports that "two marble plaques from Franklin had been collected and will be placed on the walls in the new elementary school..."
  • Lake Brownwood State Park Improvements - Brownwood TX
    Pecan Bayou flooded the city of Brownwood in late September of 1900 causing considerable damage to the business district and washing away the train track that served the city. The citizens of Brown County looked for a way to control Pecan Bayou. They voted in 1926 to create the Brown County Water Improvement District. The water district acquired seven tracts of land for the purpose of building a dam on Pecan Bayou. The water district completed the dam in 1932 just before another flood swept down the Bayou quickly filling the reservoir. The Texas State Parks Board acquired 538 acres of...
  • Bass River State Forest Improvements - Tuckerton NJ
    "The CCC camp at Bass River State Forest, Camp S-55, lasted from 1933 to 1942, throughout the entire life of CCC. ... There were usually 200 men at the camp, which was a full complement. The CCC members performed wide range of conservation work. The young men of the CCC built park roads, trails, bridle paths, bridges for vehicles, ponds for fish and waterfowl, lookout towers, nature observatory shelters, picnic areas, cabins, fireplaces, campgrounds, recreational lakes, and landscaping. The most noteworthy feat was the creation of the 67-acre Lake Absegami, by damming two streams flowing through the forest."
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