Where in the World is Evan: Columbia, South Carolina

This month, LND Researcher-at-Large Evan Kalish brings us to the heart of the Palmetto State. Just steps from the capitol in Columbia resides the stately campus of the University of South Carolina (USC), which undertook an extensive development program in the 1930s courtesy of a substantial influx of New Deal funds. At a time when its budget had contracted by more than half, funding and labor provided by the New Deal’s Civil Works Administration, Public Works Administration, and Works Progress Administration allowed USC to improve and expand its facilities at an unprecedented rate. The McKissick Museum, multiple dormitory buildings, and the World War Memorial Building (which Evan documented here) are just a part of the New Deal legacy on the campus. The Roosevelt Administration supported public higher education and had an enlightened policy of putting millions of unemployed Americans back to work. Contrast this with the plight of so many public universities after the 2008 financial crisis, when tuitions were raised, faculty salaries were cut, and scholarships were suspended.

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