Washington High Mural Debate Covered in The Frisc

A story by Alex Lash published in the Frisc reports on the debates surrounding the Washington High Victor Arnautoff Mural, as well as the efforts to save it. Living New Deal team member, Barbara Bernstein, and distinguished historian and expert on Arnautoff, Professor Robert Cherny, were interviewed for the story. Read the Frisc article here.

2 comments on “Washington High Mural Debate Covered in The Frisc

  1. Leslie E. Correll

    Hi Friends at the LND,
    I am the daughter of WPA muralist Richard V. Correll (you have material on him here on your site) and I am also an alum of GWHS. My father was a close colleague of Arnautoff (along with Emmy Lou Packard and other former WPA muralists who were members of the Graphic Arts Workshop in SF in post war years.) I have written to several artists and other alums I know and forwarded the GWHS Alumni Assn. link to them, but I am anxious to be of more help. Please feel free to contact me if there is anything more I can do. (I live in Oakland.) I have sent the same offer to the Alumni Assn.
    Thank you very much,

  2. Susan Ives

    Thanks Leslie
    We would welcome you writing a letter to the SF school board members and perhaps also a letter to the SF Chronicle in response to day’s coverage. That would be fantastic!

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