• Central High School Auditorium and Gymnasium - Vicksburg MS
    The addition of an auditorium and gymnasium, since demolished, was completed for the 1924 Central High School building, along with improvements to the athletic field and athletic building. Architects N. W. Overstreet and A. H. Town designed the additions in 1936. Public Works Administration project 1148 was approved 7/21/1936 for $34,363 grant. Construction began 12/21/1936 and was completed 11/18/1937 for a total cost of $78,366.
  • Charity Hospital Improvements - Vicksburg MS
    $4,600 project was allotted for Vicksburg Charities hospital for main building and nurses’ home renovations in 1934. The building that began as the city hospital in the 1840s because a state institution around 1871, operated from a former plantation mansion. It closed in 1989 following numerous renovations/alterations. It was demolished February 2019.
  • Clay Street School Repairs and Alterations - Vicksburg MS
    Public Works Administration project 1337 provided repairs and alterations to both Clay Street School and Carr High School in 1939, along with construction of two new school buildings.
  • Halls Ferry Bridge - Vicksburg MS
    The Confederate Avenue arch span bridge over Halls Ferry Road was constructed in cooperation with the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Public Works Administration in 1936-1937. It is a single arch constructed of reinforced concrete, and is faced with brick, and is the only extant bridge of its type in Mississippi. The contract for $44,641 was awarded to Coggin and Deermont of Chipley, Florida. Excavation work began in August 1936 for the planned 125' by 45' bridge. The final inspection was made in September 1937.
  • Vicksburg National Military Park - Vicksburg MS
    The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) worked to develop Vicksburg National Military park during the 1930s. Among other improvements they planted hundreds of trees and other vegetation in the park to to combat erosion.
  • Vicksburg National Military Park: Park Museum and Headquarters (former) - Vicksburg MS
    The Public Works Administration funded the construction of the Park Museum and Headquarters at the National Military Park inVicksburg MS. the building is currently vacant. "The 1934-35 PWA allotments provided for new combination administration/museum buildings in five eastern parks: Chickamauga and Chattanooga, Guilford Courthouse, Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Morristown." "Predictably, those designed by Service architects without knowledge of museum requirements proved ill-suited to their purpose. The Vicksburg building resembled so well an antebellum plantation mansion that a later superintendent converted it to his residence and packed the museum off to utilitarian frame structure elsewhere in the park."
  • Warren County Courthouse - Vicksburg MS
    The Public Works Administration (PWA) of the Federal Works Agency funded the construction of the stately Warren County Courthouse in Vicksburg, Mississippi.
  • Waterways Experiment Station Expansion - Vicksburg MS
    A number of buildings were constructed at the Vicksburg Waterways Experiment Station following its initial construction in 1930. Buildings constructed under the expansion of the US Army Corps of Engineers from 1933-1941 included Soils Laboratory Bldg. 1077 (1934), Tools and Equipment House Bldg. 7071 (1934), Booster Pump Station Bldg. 3065 (1935), Hydraulics Office Bldg. 3067 (1935), Warehouse Stockroom Bldg., 2059 (1935), EPD offices-Soils Division Bldg. 2099 (1937), Equipment Storage Building # 1 2053 (1939 and # 2 Bldg. 2055 (1939), and Paint Shop/Storage Bldg. 2021 (1941). "The work of the Waterways Experiment Station at Vicksburg, Mississippi, where Army engineers build model...