Armory (former) Improvements – Holyoke MA

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted improvement work at the historic armory building in Holyoke, Mass. WPA project details: “Improve interiors of building and construct retaining wall” Official Project Number: 165‐14‐2516 Total project cost: $16,057.00 Sponsor: Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Military Department… read more

McLean Reservoir Road – Holyoke MA

Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) conducted the improvement work around McLean Reservoir in Holyoke, Massachusetts. WPA Bulletin: At High McLean Reservoir, Holyoke, WPA is improving the travel-way. Work includes widening and eliminating curves, extending culverts, grading gutters for surface drainage and… read more

Mount Tom State Reservation – Holyoke MA

According to the Wikipedia page for Mount Tom, “In 1933 the Civilian Conservation Corps assisted with the construction of reservation structures and park roads; their work also remains visible today.”