Sabino Canyon Recreation Area: Picnic, Camping & Other Facilities – Tucson AZ

Saguaro along trail in Sabina Canyon Recreation Area - Tucson AZ

Sabino Canyon Recreation Area is in Coronado National Forest at the northeast corner of Tucson AZ.  At the behest of the city of Tucson and Pima County, it was developed out of former mining and grazing land in the Santa Catalina… read more

Saguaro National Park: Improvements – Tucson AZ

The city of Tucson is flanked by two halves of the Saguaro National Park, which protects extensive areas of Sonoran Desert landscapes and the biodiverse communities of the Tucson Mountains and Rincon Mountains – two of the many “sky islands”… read more

Tucson Mountain Park: Improvements – Tucson AZ

Tucson Mountain Park, created in 1929, was opened to general recreation use in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), working with the Pima County parks agency.  The northern half of the original park was added to the Saguaro National… read more

Tucson Plant Materials Center – Tucson AZ

Tucson Plant Materials Center

“Public Works Administration funds financed construction of the Tucson Plant Materials Center. Hispanic workers hired with Federal Emergency Relief Administration funds made the adobe blocks. The eight original buildings at the center were later assembled by Civilian Conservation Corps enrollees… read more

University of Arizona at Tucson: Auditorium (Centennial Hall) – Tucson AZ

The Public Works Administration funded the construction of the auditorium at the University of Arizona, Tucson campus. It was designed by campus architect Roy Place. The venue opened in 1937 and hosted musical programs, plays, and lectures for students and… read more