Crossett Experimental Forest Project – Crossett AR

The Crossett Experimental Forest is located about 11 km south of the town of Crossett in Ashley County, Arkansas. The Federal Emergency Relief Administration began the project in 1933 with “13 miles of pick-and-shovel-built FERA roads” (Reynolds). Firelines were built… read more

Crowley’s Ridge State Park – Walcott AR

“Crowley’s Ridge State Park is a 291-acre (118 ha) Arkansas state park in Greene County, Arkansas in the United States atop Crowley’s Ridge. Located on the former homesite of pioneer Benjamin Crowley, the park contains many excellent examples of the work… read more

Elementary School Gymnasium (former) – Oil Trough AR

“Construct school gymnasium, including installing plumbing, heating, and electrical facilities; excavating; backfilling; and performing appurtenant and incidental work. Publicly owned property. Sponsor: Oil Trough School District #100.” WPA Project No. 265-1-63-5, $11,244, application date 7-12-41, Average Employed 38. As best… read more