Steve Worsley

I believe that Coit Memorial Tower should be a 1934 Museum with a docent.
My story as to why I say that comes from the outer Mission in Depression San Francisco.
Just one of those stories about another shattered Irish longshoreman family, a New Deal and the end of prohibition. The 1934 frescos within Coit depict a moment of our people so fairly that we should respect it with museum status. Today Telegraph Hill is a tourist trap. I made Coit a National Historic site but to no avail. So,I have a story; a hobo named Brownie would drop by Grandma McCarthy’s jovial house for a drink and a whistle. To share, he brought slightly used coffee grounds from the Palace Hotel. He said that he had to fight
kids off in order to fill hill coat pocket. We natives must see this education opportunity and Hannah “wharfism” from this respite.
Save Coit-the museum.
x Stephen Worsley
Coit Depression Preservationists
3rd gen Hilldweller.

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