Woodland Park Improvements – Shawnee OK


In the mid-1930s the Federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) provided support for the construction of a 495 ft. long rock wall, several rock picnic benches, two full-sized tennis courts, and a large bathhouse with pool in Woodland Park.

The Waymarking webpage for this site describes the improvements and the contemporary condition of the facilities as follows:

“The bathhouse is 143 x 116 with an extended central wing with the main entrance. This is a one-story building with uncoursed native sandstone walls, with beaded mortar. The flat roof has been covered with green aluminum in later years.

At the center of the building, there is a dogtrot leading from the parking lot through to the pool area. Large wood, slatted doors access this area, with additional doors on the east and west wings into the locker room areas. The original wading pool has been replaced by a large swimming pool and diving pool, with various pieces of water playground equipment.

To the east of the bathhouse are two full-sized tennis courts which are surrounded by a 3-4 ft. retaining wall constructed by the WPA of native sandstone.”

Thompson tells us that the bathhouse and the tennis courts were completed in 1936 and 1937 respectively.

The WPA-constructed facilities in Woodland Park are still in use today.



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Location Info

100 E. Highland Street
Shawnee , OK 74801

Location notes: Woodland Park is located at Union/Broadway/Highland Streets and covers approximately eight acres

Coordinates: 35.332172, -96.921968

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We welcome contributions of additional information on any New Deal project site.

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