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How to Submit Site Information

Helper, UT Post Office PlaqueTo submit site data, fill in the form below. We need information on location, agency, dates, and the like, and we especially need photographs, both current and historic.  Our Research Assistants go over every submission.  Once the site is verified, it is added to the Living New Deal map (this may take a few days).

You will be credited for any New Deal site information and photographs you submit. Please tell us if you retain copyright on your photos.  If you upload photos from other sources, please tell us the name of the photographer, source, copyright, etc..  For further information on our Fair Use and Copyright policy, see our Disclaimer Page.

If you are new to the Living New Deal submission process, please take a look at our LND site submission criteria before starting.  If you are new to the game of sleuthing sites, you can find helpful pointers on our Researching New Deal Sites page.   If you have questions, write to us at [email protected].

Submission Form

Lawsonville Avenue School

Lawsonville Avenue School
Lawsonville Avenue School
Photo by Evan Kalish

There are four steps in the submission process, starting with the essentials of the project, then location, photos and documents, and your personal information.  Be as complete as possible in filling out the form, but be assured we accept submissions for sites with less than perfect data, in the hopes that more information will be added later by you or others.

For the full guidelines, take a look at our Style Guide. With so many New Deal sites, we had to create internal rules to maintain consistency in the data and the look of project pages.  The Style Guide is chiefly for the use of our Research Assistants, so don’t be intimidated by it!  Some people are more sticklers for detail than others.  Still, if you see something that looks strange or out of conformance with the rest, please alert us at [email protected]