William J. Gaynor Junior High School – Brooklyn NY


William J. Gaynor Junior High School, I.S. 49, in Brooklyn, New York, was constructed during the 1930s with Public Works Administration (PWA) funds. The PWA docket number was NY 1075R. The building is still in use today.

Source notes

National Archives Record Group 135-SAR:
Prints: Photographs rejected for use in the Photographic Report to the President:
“Survey of the Architecture of Completed Projects of the PWA, 1939”
Box 14: New York State, Schools folder, William J. Gaynor Junior High School file

Project originally submitted by Evan Kalish on July 28, 2014.

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Location Info

223 Graham Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Coordinates: 40.709743, -73.944460

19 comments on “William J. Gaynor Junior High School – Brooklyn NY

  1. Gloria Blount

    I went to William J Gaynor when it was an elementary school. I did kindergarten, first and second grade there. Was the school first constructed as an elementary school and then changed to a jhs? Or did it just revert back to a jhs? What year did it change from a elementary school to a jhs?
    Thank you.

  2. P. Albro

    Hola. I am trying to locate former classmates for a friend of mine. She and they attended William J.Gaynor JHS in the years 1961-1965. Their names are: Raul Bonillo, Raymond Velez, Migdalia and Ruben Ramos, Carmen and Estrella Rodriguez – sisters, Margarita Nieves, Margarita Rosado, and Lurdes Colon.
    If anyone knows these people please contact me. Thank you.

    • I was just speaking with my brother about 49 and decided to look up any info on 49.
      Saw your question. My brother graduated in 1964 and I graduated in 1968.
      He believes Migdalia died over 20 years ago. I tried to confirm online but could not find her. Most, from that time, have no online info.

  3. Veronica Frazier

    I was a student at this school and I’d like to know how to get a copy of the 1964 yearbook. Thanks.


    I was a 9th grade student at this school from 1952 to 1953. Mr. Shapiro was the science teacher, Mr. Seligman was the english teacher. Is there anyone out there from those days? How can I get a copy of the 1953 yearbook?
    The school is closed and I do not know how to get info.
    Antonio Crespo


    Hi Antonio,
    I finished 9th grade June of ’54. I remember Mr. Seligman but not Mr. Shapiro. Other names I recall are
    Ms. Twigg, and Mr. Davis. Both were math teachers. Ms. Maguire and of course Mr. McBeath
    Tony A.


    I went to William J. Gaynor Junior High School 49K in 1959 in the First Grade and Second Grade. My teacher was Mrs. Silva Edget. Mr. Valentine was my Second Grade teacher. Back then it was divided into two different schools. Elementary and Junior High. I then went to PS 36 for the Third Grade with Mr. Stern as my teacher. My Fourth , fifth and sixth grade was in PS 196. For my Seventh. Eighth was in William J Gaynor Junior High School

    I remember The Assistant Principal Miss McCarsey and the Dean Mr. Zucker. The Principal was Dr. James E. Devine. Mr. Leon Nelson was the Music Teacher with Mr. Blitzer. Greenwich. Fleetwood. Grace and Miss Thompson.
    I was in the Assistant Principal office when President Kennedy got shot and saw the news bulletin over the Teletype in Mr. Monty Banks office.
    The school Secretary was Mrs. Evelyn Pennyfeather and Mrs. Silva Rose. Mrs. Hearsh was my Typing teacher. Oh how I remember those Underwood Typewriters. Mr. Pearlman was one of the Gym Teachers.
    After graduation I went to the old Long Island City High School then onward to Stoneybrook and the United States Navy.
    I remember how rich you were with just a DOLLAR.
    15 to 35 cents for a gallon of gas. 5 cents for a candy bar. 15 cents for a pizza and small soda.
    Upon my retirement I moved to Puerto Rico and bought a farm and a small house.
    No grandchildren yet. That’s up to the kids.

  7. Anthony cisco

    Looking for an old friend his name is frank Rosa

  8. Graduated in the year 1999-2000 and just looking for a teacher I had in the 6th grade Mrs.Camese. Can’t seem to remember her first name. I was trying to find or try and remember teachers names to try and find that awesome 6th grade teacher I had.

  9. Tieast serrano

    I graduated 1978 . I had wonderful memories of the school and especially my teachers. Mr Davis gym teacher MrNelson music teacherMs Colon history teacher Mr Shapiro math teacher and the principal Mr Whitney. Antony here graduated during this time ?

  10. William J. Gaynor Junior High 49 was a combination of an Elementary School and a Junior High School until 1960. It was then changed to an Intermediate School in 1969.
    Now it’s a Campus of Schools. When I attended the school in First Grade, Mrs. Ray was the Assistant Principal. I did my Third Grade in PS 36 and my which was changed to a Six Hundred School for children with disciplinary problems such as Bullying. My 4th and 5th grade was in PS196.
    In JHS 49 there was a music teacher named Mr. Nelson who was killed by a Street Hustler in his apartment in Manhattan New York City.
    So the Elementary School part was on the First Floor and the Junior High School part was on the Second and third floor. The District Superintendent had her office on the first floor left hand side of the school. The Junior High School shop Classes was on the 49 park side of the school.
    Right now the school is having lots of problems and was even in the local newspaper and television news.

  11. Raymond Crevatas

    I graduated in 1961…loved my music teacher Alan singer..I played SAX and went on to play with the RALPH ROBLES LATIN band…RALPH graduated 1 year prior…our school hosted WONDERFUL music festivals…numerous schools participated…and the 49 concert BAND would be the house band…there were WONDERFUL musicals performed also…those were amazing times…GOD BLESS

  12. Thomas Crespo

    I graduated in 1976 and was wondering did anyone else did as well ?

  13. I graduated in 1959. I do not remember the school being a grade school. I went and I entered seventh grade to ninth grade. I was looking at the band photo from 1958 and remembered the faces of so many guys I knew. Those were great times

  14. Ira Feldman

    Graduated in 1952. I lived right in front of the school . never had t cross the street. Went to Kindergarten 1st & 2 grade then to private school 3 years. Returned in sixth grade and graduated in 9th grade. Mr. Denn was the principle when I graduated. Great teachers. Mrs. Ray was Asst. Principal, Ms. Common, My favorite Ms. Fitzgerald, Mr. Mc Beth, Mr. Link, Mr. Jacobs, Mr. Hornasech, Mrs. Caputo, Ms. Weinberg, Mrs. Tracy, Mrs. Russell, Mr. Kinbar, Mr. Levenson, Ms. Garcia, Mrs. Gibbs, Mr. Fishman, Mr. Kapala, Mr. Jaffee, Mrs. Berliner, Mrs. Ainker . I had all these wonderful teachers from kindergated to 9th grade. . . I have my graduation picture but I it’s to big to load on my scanner. Mrs. Tracy was our homeroom teacher

  15. Carmen Morales

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone might have a yearbook from William J. Gaynor, Jr. High School 49. I graduated in 1961, I would love to track it down. Please let me know if anyone has one, please. Thank You

  16. I attended from 1957-1959 played in the band. I then went on to Eastern District HS. I earned a BS and MA from NYU. After graduation I began my teaching career and taught for 33 years. The 1959 class was the last all male class. Would love to hear from past schoolmates and students that remember me

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