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Architects Raymond Marlier, Edward B. Lee, William Boyd, and Bernard Prack designed the 3 public housing units constructed 1938-1940 in the Hill District. The USHA loaned 90% of the cost of the 3 projects. Terrace Village No. 1 was the second project for Pittsburgh, housing 805 families with an estimated cost of $4,950,000. The proposed project required the removal of 800,000 cubic yards of dirt from a hill overlooking a gully. No. 1 was constructed on Ruch Hill, covering 40 acres. No. 2 was built of Goat and Gazzam Hills, covered 89 acres, housed 1,818 families and cost approximately $10,800,000. The apartment buildings were three-story, masonry walls with brick facing, and heated by a central plant. Construction employed more than a 1000 men on all three projects. General construction for no. 1 was A. Smith and Company, plumbing by George H. Soffel Co., heating by Drake-Avery Co., and electrical work by Raphael Electric Co. Lumber and millwork was awarded to Atlas Lumber and Supply Company. No. 1 was ready for occupancy April 1, 1940 and no. 2 ready August 1, 1940. General construction for no. 2 was Hunkin-Conkey Company, plumbing by W. N. Sauer Company, heating by McGinness, Smith, and McGinness, and electrical by Sargent Engineering Company. Bounded by Rose Street, Wyandotte Street, Cuba Way, Devilliers Street and Kirpatrick Street, the projects were about a mile and a half from the downtown. Village Terraces was replaced with mixed income development in 2018.

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Location Info

385 Elmore Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219

Coordinates: 40.4437592, -79.976834

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