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The Village hall, as of now situated off River Road and 66th Street, was worked in 1934 through the assistance of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), as per “History of Inver Grove Heights: Minnesota’s Treasure 1858-1990,” by Lois Glewwe. Its area was once home to Inver Grove School, and a few blocks from the old fashioned were utilized to develop the new structure. It filled in as the gathering place for the town of Inver Grove before the village converged with Inver Grove Township to make what is presently known as Inver Grove Heights. Before it fell into neglect during the 1990s, the block building filled some needs. It was a gathering place for the Village of Inver Grove, which was consolidated in 1909 and was a one-square-mile plat on the riverfront that chosen its own city hall leader and committee, totally separated from Inver Grove Township The village hall was utilized as a transitory schoolroom, a city lobby and workmanship show space. The town existed until it converged with the township in March 1965 as the new Inver Grove Heights. Once the favorite spot of city leaders and the site of significant open choices, the village hall in Inver Grove Heights is currently a deserted structure with spray painting scarred walls and barricaded windows.But city pioneers are hoping to inhale new life into the town corridor and another significant verifiable structure in Inver Grove Heights as a component of the Heritage Village Park venture. Under the proposed ground breaking strategy for the recreation center, the village hall and an old school building, both over 75 years of age, could be reestablished and moved to the recreation center with the goal that they could keep on making more memories for the city.

Source notes

Wolston, W.G. “A Brief History of Inver Grove Heights from Township and Village to City with a Map of Historic Sites.” Dakota county History, n.d. (, accessed May 2020.

Project originally submitted by Matt Bencker on May 12, 2020.

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Location Info

iver Road south of 66th Street, inver grove heights
inver grove heigths, MN 55076

Coordinates: 44.8533796, -93.0208148

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