Tacoma Water Supply – Ravensdale WA


” Tacoma Water Supply Program for 1937

The Water Division of the City of Tacoma has plans completed for a construction program during 1937 amounting to $1,566,000. An application for a $705,000 PWA grant on this project has already been made. This program includes: construction of a 160×244 foot reinforced concrete building for stores and shops; reconstruction and metering of 21,160 flat-rate water services; construction of a Tide Flat trunk main extension consisting of 10,800 feet of 36 inch steel pipe, 1200 feet of 28 inch steel pipe, and 3625 feet of 24 inch steel pipe, with all appurtenant equipment; and installation of approximately 50,000 feet of cast iron mains from 4 to 18 inch diameter.
During February 1937, the water division will complete a two year program of reconstruction and extensions of the present Green River gravity system, which involves an expenditure of approximately $2,104,000. (Western Construction News Nov. 1935). This work has been financed by three PWA loans and grants, with certain additions from water department funds. The project includes the manufacture and installation of 35,785 feet of steel pipe from 42 to 63 inch diameter; 17,477 feet of centrifugally-spun concrete pipe from 52 to 63 inch diameter; and 54,570 feet of steel cylinder Lock Joint concrete pipe from 48 to 58 inch diameter, as well as the control works and inter-connections in the city. W. A. Kunigk is superintendent of the Tacoma Water Division.”

Source notes

Western Construction News Jan. 1937

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on May 17, 2017.

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Location Info

36501 Green River Headworks Rd.
Ravensdale, WA 98051

Location notes: Location is the start of the Headworks

Coordinates: 47.311119, -121.860403

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