Spencer State Hospital Clinic (demolished) – Spencer WV


The Public Works Administration funded the construction of a new clinic, part of the State Hospital for Mental Diseases (also known as the Spencer State Hospital for Mental Diseases) in Spencer, Roane County. The addition was built in 1937 and was a five-bed facility.

The State Hospital for Mental Diseases closed in July 1989 and demolished in 2005. The condition of the structure is unknown to the Living New Deal.

Source notes

National Archives Record Group 69-PWA

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Project originally submitted by Brent McKee on March 29, 2018.

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Location Info

Spencer, WV

Coordinates: 38.813049, -81.368557

6 comments on “Spencer State Hospital Clinic (demolished) – Spencer WV

  1. Sandra K K Wilson

    Is there anyway to receive information on inmates/patients at Second Hospital for the Insane and Spencer State Hospital at Spencer WV

  2. Linda Cottrell Liss

    Anyone interested in learning more about the former Spencer State Hospital, Roane Co., WV 1893-1989 may want to join the Face Book page set up to remember the Spencer structure, demolished in 1997. A WalMart & other businesses occupy former hospital site. Portions of hospital cemeteries still visible. Click on link to request membership. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1094136047340859/

  3. I realize that most of the graves in the cemetery there are unmarked but of those that are marked is there a listing of those monuments. Secondly, are there records available for those of us who had a relative there who were admitted and died there. More specifically seeking information from November 1896. Help please.

  4. faith murphy

    Is there anyone locally that I can meet with to learn more info? I had relatives here. Also, are there any artifacts left? A museum!

  5. Robert D. Davisson Sr.

    Is there any way to get information on the patients that was in the hospital there? I had an aunt that was there that died in 1959 and was buried there

  6. Karen Hughes

    I am looking for a Martha Alice Harless Adkins. She was born April 30, 1859. She was married to Parker Adkins, who committed her and told his family he would not discuss anything on Martha. If you would be able to help with what happened to her, a death date and where her remains are buried.
    Thank you for your time concerning this matter.
    Karen Hughes

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