Stanley Ranger Station – Stanley ID


Constructed by the CCC in 1933. It is currently being preserved by the Sawtooth Interpretive Association and is being used as a museum. The Idaho State Historical Society describes the structure as follows:

The Stanley Ranger Station includes a one-and-one-half story log ranger station and a one-story log outbuilding. Both sit on concrete foundations, and their round-log walls employ saddle notching with logs extending well beyond the joint. The 1933 station itself is distinguished by its porches. A front porch with log railings is covered by a half-story gable, supported by tripled log columns. The left side entry is protected by a hipped roof veranda that wraps around the rear of the structure. All windows are four-over-four lights with timber frames.

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Location Info

State Highway 75
Stanley, ID 83278

Coordinates: 44.225643, -114.929933

3 comments on “Stanley Ranger Station – Stanley ID

  1. Susan Langer

    You should include the history of the Langer family who lived in this Ranger Station. Ranger, Charley J. Langer was loved and respected by all he served. His life was tragically cut short on April 5, 1943 when the plane he was flying in – which was on a recovery mission for another missing plane, crashed, killing all aboard. There is a monument to him and also Langer Peak and Langer Lake has been named after him. He and his wife, Leah, had two children, Charley and Mary, who are both living. It is a tragic but fascinating story. You may want to add some of this information to your website. Perhaps some would like to contribute to the cost of the upkeep for the Ranger Station.
    Thank you,

    Susan Langer (wife of Charley Langer)

    • hello from Utah….I was married to Ken Nielson from Mt Pleasant Utah. I come across this and wanted to reach out and see if you and Charlie are in Utah?

  2. Susan and Charley Langer

    Hi Joni!
    We are in Fort Collins – would love to hear from you!

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