Fairview Cemetery Wall – Shawnee OK


In 1936, the Federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) built a wall on the west side of the Fairview Cemetery. The wall, which is approximately 1320 feet long, runs north to south along the east side of N. Harrison Avenue. The cemetery itself was established in 1897 and spans nearly 80 acres on the eastern side of the City of Shawnee.

The Waymarking webpage for the cemetery wall describes it as follows:

“This uncoarsed native sandstone wall was constructed along the west side of the cemetery, bordering a main thoroughfare, Harrison Street. It runs North-South for four blocks.

The wall is two feet thick and approximately five feet high. There are three gates in the wall, which have thirteen foot high gate posts….[H]owever, no vehicle traffic enters through these gates. Entrance must be made on the east side of the cemetery on Center Avenue.”

Source notes

Waymarking.com: Fairview Cemetery Wall

Fariview Cemetery at Shawnee

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Location Info

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N. Harrison Ave.
Shawnee, OK 74801

Coordinates: 35.343208, -96.911678

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