Russian Gulch State Park – Mendocino CA


The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) improved Russian Gulch State Park, as it did most of the parks in California’s newly-launched state park system in the 1930s.  CCC Company 572 built a new park entrance and roads throughout the park, as well as fire breaks, hiking trails, a picnic area and campground, and a park visitor center.  The latter is notable for a huge cobblestone fireplace on the south wall.

Source notes

Engbeck, Joseph H., Jr. By the People, For the People: The Work of the Civilian Conservation Corps in California State Parks, 1933-1941. Sacramento: California State Parks, 2002.

Project originally submitted by Gray Brechin on February 24, 2008.

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Location Info

Russian Gulch State Park
Mendocino, CA 95460

Coordinates: 39.331524, -123.789357

4 comments on “Russian Gulch State Park – Mendocino CA

  1. Edward. Patton

    I have photos of the camp and list of names of thr crew-my Dad was there, To whose attention should I send information to?

    • Gabriel Milner

      You may email it to [email protected]. If you want to send the photos via USPS, you may mail them to The Living New Deal, Univ. of CA, Dept. of Geography, 505 McCone Hall, Berkeley, CA, 94720-4740. We look forward to seeing them!

  2. Tim Montgomery

    I hope you add your pictures to the Living New Deal site. I just visited RG and would have liked to have seen these pictures.

    Tim Montgomery
    CCC Legacy

  3. Has anyone sent in pictures? Do you have a company rooster?

    I have a photo of my great grandfather in his ccc uniform and a photo of the souvenir silk he sent home with his company number (572) and location (fort Bragg, ca)

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We welcome contributions of additional information on any New Deal project site.

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