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There are 6 murals in the now-former post office building at 151 West Street in Rutland, Vermont. Painted in 1937 by Stephen J. Belaski, the works depict the “Early History of Vermont.” The artwork was commissioned under the auspices of the TRAP (Treasury Relief Art Project).

Though the post office has moved to an adjacent property, the murals are still accessible for public viewing.

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Location Info

151 West St.
Rutland, VT 05701

Coordinates: 43.60781, -72.9814

11 comments on “Post Office (former) Murals – Rutland VT

  1. Karen Zaneski (Belaski Family)

    My uncle was Stephen J. Belaski. I am his last living relative and I would like to make sure that your organization has all of the factual information about his works. There are actually 2 other WPA works done by Mr. Belaski that I am aware of but are not yet registered with your agency. I would welcome someone contacting me so that I could provide all of the necessary information. I also am in possession of several of my uncles paintings.

    • Linda Perham

      My name is Linda Perham, I am from Bellows Falls Vt and a veteran of Post #37 American Legion. We are celebrating our 100th year celebration and while researching our stag art work of an eagle and Legion emblems I found that Stephen J. Belaski did all of it. Painted on wood and attached by nails in 1955. I’d love to know more about him and his service.

  2. Mike Kolodziej

    Karen Z. Not sure if you’ll see this. My grandfather and your Uncle Steve, were apparently friends. I guess they used to trade hunting meat for paintings. Both my father and aunt now have several of Steve’s paintings hanging in their house..

  3. karenzaneski

    Hello Mike,

    My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Just saw your post. OMG—-I still remember eating the venison that I am guessing your grandfather and my uncle traded. Where do you live? I am in CT, but am planning a trip to VT,1/9 – 11, staying in Brattleboro for a night, heading to Rutland for a night, then coming back to Brattleboro for the last night. Now, did your dad know Dr. Hebb? I think he was the guru of all of those hunters during their red-neck era! I so hope that you see my post and would love to hear from you. Not sure if telephone numbers go through, but I will try. You can reach me at 203-874-6563.

    If this info. does not go through, you can call the Colonial Hotel in Brattleboro on 10/9 and ask for Karen Zaneski. If that doesn’t work, you can search me under Justices of the Peace in Milford, CT . I am the firat and only Karen.:-)

    PS. Tell your dad and you aunt to hang onto those paintings. I have just gotten them re-appraised after certifying Uncle Stevie’s works as original works from a WPA artist. They are worth some $$.

  4. denise Marie Letendre

    Hello Karen,
    I am a history and art lover living in Rutland County- I’ve seen the murals in the post office and they are beautiful! I would love to know where any other of Stephen Belaski’s WPA murals are!


    Hi Denise,

    My sincere apologies for totally missing your request about more murals painted by my uncle, Stephen Belaski. I am still trying to locate all of his works myself, but I do know of 2 other places that have his murals. The new middle school in downtown Bellows Falls has several of his murals on display in the foyer of the main door. There are several. Also, there used to be some large murals at St. Joseph’s College in upstate VT, but those have been moved to Fort Ticondaroga. I know there are others, but I am still trying to locate them myself. I am also working on getting these 2 new locations listed on the official registry, but it is quite a difficult process, especially working long-distance. I inquired with the Federal government, and after many steps, was finally connected to the correct person, but he does not return calls.

    I also have several of his paintings. I live in Milford, CT, which is on the shoreline between New Haven and Bridgeport, approximately 21/4 hours from the VT/MA state line. I would be happy to speak with you further. First I will give you my email and telephone number. [email protected]/203-874-6563. If this site does not allow numbers/addresses to go through, you can look up Justices of the Peace in Milford, CT and I pop up—the only Karen.

    Hope this information is helpful. Thanks for your interest. Karen Zaneski


    Hello Linda,
    I am sending out apologies today for not seeing comments left about my uncle’s works and requests for information. I wish that I had seen your post sooner. I am so sorry.

    I actually just learned that Uncle Stevie had some of is work at the American Legion Building—(If my memory is correct, your organization is located in a building near the funeral home.) I was up in Bellows Falls this past fall to meet with some representatives of the Historical Society and to donate one of Steve’s paintings to them.

    I would be happy to provide information to you about my uncle if you are still interested. I just made a posting to another person and provided all of my contact information and did see that it all went through. I sincerely hope to hear from you. ~Karen Zaneski


    To All Who’ve Posted Comments About Steve Belaski,

    I just remembered that I gave one of Steve’s painting to Fenton and Hennessey when I was in Bellows Falls in 2012. At that time, it was placed on the wall which leads into the viewing pallor. I have not been in that building since, but hopefully it is still there. ~Karen

  8. denise Marie Letendre

    Hello, I have just heard that the Post Office in Rutland has moved to another building. I was wondering if the building where the murals are installed is still open and if the paintings were available there still to view or if they were also moved somewhere?

  9. PJ Sargent

    HI Denise,

    The building remains a federal courthouse, and is owned by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). The best way to find out if the main lobby will be open to the public (after the pandemic) would be to contact the GSA’s regional office in Boston.

  10. Denise Marie Letendre

    The Rutland Post Office is now the U.S. Marshall Dept. The murals are still in the lobby and available to the public to view!

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