Post Office (former) Sculpture – York PA


This wooden sculpture  “Prayer of Thanksgiving” by K. George Katrina was completed in 1946. Katrina was one of two artists to win a Federal Works Agency competition to produce art for the post office in 1941.

The statues were moved out of the original post office in 2011 before it was privatized. They may now be located in the East York post office. Confirmation is needed.

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Location Info

200 S. George Street
York, PA 17403

Coordinates: 39.958998, -76.725489

3 comments on “Post Office (former) Sculpture – York PA

  1. Hi. Thank you for providing this great resource.
    A correction to the info about the sculptures…the website has the artists flip-flopped. The “singing thanksgiving” sculpture is by K. George Kratina. Also, note the name is misspelled once as Katrina, rather than Kratina.
    KGK was my uncle! He was a truly spectacular man and lived and made sculpture in Old Chatham, New York. He was the son of Rose and Joseph Kratina (my great grandpa!), who was an immigrant sculptor to Brooklyn. Joseph had worked for many years as Rodin’s lead apprentice in France, helping to make some of the most notable of Rodin’s work. Rose was the daughter of the personal physician to the Arch Duke Ferdinand.

  2. Hallo Nik, I’d like to ask you kindly – could you write something about your gandmother Lydia Kratina though ? I do a researcha bout her life and work (I’m writing an article about her Christmas prints from a graphic collection in Slovak national gallery). However I struggle with lack of information about her life before she came to Prague in 1930. I already found out she studied at Washington Irving High School, and than at The Art Student League in New York, but years doesn’t match in various sources, and there is still aprox. 4-6 year gap, before the Prague stay. I’m claing it from many sources, mostly focused on her husband (your grandpa) Kolonam Sokol – well known and appreciated artist in Slovakia. Please let me know, if you don’t mind, I have several questions and I guess you could clear it.

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