Plum Bayou Resettlement Project – Plum Bayou AR


Plum Bayou was the first settlement in Arkansas and in the United States (Arkansas Historic Preservation Program). Resettlement Administrator Rexford G. Tugwell, was present at the opening dedication ceremony November 20, 1936. “Tugwell saw the Plum Bayou Project as representative of a new chapter in American agricultural history” (AHPP).

Plum Bayou was available to 183 selected families, 30-40 acres per family. In addition to house, barn, and well, the homes were furnished with a refrigerator and had electricity (Hunter). The community added a community center, a school, gym, library, and vocational center. A few of the original settlers were able to keep their farms and purchase adjoining properties when the community co-op failed in 1946.

Although some of the homesteads remain in use, many houses were moved. Community buildings were re-purposed as education facilities.

Source notes

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Project originally submitted by Susan Allen on February 3, 2014.

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Location Info

Plum Bayou, Arkansas 72182

Location notes: Location marker approximate. Exact coordinates needed.

Coordinates: 34.295303, -91.91833

6 comments on “Plum Bayou Resettlement Project – Plum Bayou AR

  1. Delphine Nelson

    My mother was born in Plum Bayou in 1939. I am looking for information to complete my family tree. Are there any birth records or other historical records available that date back to the 1930’s? Where can I find them?

    • Gabriel Milner

      For this info, you may want to contact the local City Hall.

  2. My Grandmother got married in 1910 her mother wrote a note saying she could get married and it listed her in Plum Bayou, More details would be thank full to have. My great grand mother was Mary Berry Shipp and great grandfather Henry Shipp .

  3. Shana Cain

    I have recently connected with a family from Plum Bayou the last name is Hicks…their great grandfather was John Hicks and his wife was Viola Hicks they had a large family and most relocated to a small town in Jackson Michigan. if there are any known relatives left in plum Bayou please leave a current response…We found many records on family search for free or the Hicks family resided there in 1900-1930s.

  4. Paul D Smith

    Looking for Packard relatives I am the great,great grandson of William and Louvenia Packard. Hope to hear from someone. It my understanding that my grandparents lived and in Plum Bayou Arkansas.

  5. Joy Matthews

    I’m working on my family reunion for 2023. I checked and found a 1920 census with my two great grandmother, great grandparents, and my grandfather/his siblings lived in Plum Bayou Township, Arkansas. The last name is Farver and my two great grandmother last name was Drake.

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