Perkinsville Bridge – Ash Fork AZ


The Perkinsville Bridge over Verde River in Arizona was rebuilt with the help of New Deal funding. The bridge is 330’ long and 14.11’ wide. It replaced an older steel truss structure built in 1921 by the U.S. Indian Service. According to a 1989 National Register of Historic Places form, “In January 1936, Arizona Highway Department Bridge Engineer Ralph Hoffman designed new concrete substructures to use three salvaged spans (it is unclear whether these were 1913 or 1921 spans) from the San Carlos Bridge at two locations In the Prescott National Forest in Yavapai County. Laborers enlisted from an Arizona Transient Camp dismantled the San Carlos Bridge that summer and built the Perkinsville and Walnut Creek bridges.” The transient camps housed the homeless or transient population in Arizona. The camps were supported by FERA funds. After 1934, the transient residents of the camps were employed throughout Arizona for light construction work.

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Location Info

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FR318 @ Verde River
Perkinsville, AZ

Coordinates: 34.895377691265985, -112.20563393204958

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