Pacific Crest Trail Santiam Trailhead (improved Skyline Trail Santiam Trailhead) – Willamette National Forest OR


The Oregon Skyline Trail, a portion of today’s Pacific Crest Trail, was established in 1920. Its popularity among hikers and climbers grew to such an extent that a 1934 study of trail conditions produced a detailed report. Civilian Conservation Corps enrollees provided much of the labor for the recommended improvements.

Improvements included relocation of stream fords due to hazardous or inconvenient conditions, alternative routes over portions of the trail, evaluation of campsites, recommendations for building of shelters, latrines, and garbage pits, and new trail signs and maps. Construction of shelters on the Skyline Trail was one notable priority facilitated by CCC enrollees within the Willamette National Forest.

With the opening of the Santiam Highway in 1929 and further improvement to the Santiam Pass Road in 1939, the Santiam Pass Trailhead on the Skyline Trail became more accessible. CCC improvements reinforced the use of this portion of the trail as did CCC improvements made for the Three Fingered Jack Recreation Area.

Source notes

"Willamette National Forest - Pacific Crest Trail Santiam Pass Trailhead," USDA Forest Service Website. Viewed August 8, 2022.

Rakestraw, Lawrence & Mary (1991) History of The Willamette National Forest. USDA Forest Service - Pacific Northwest Region Publication.

Project originally submitted by Jim Reed on October 26, 2022.
Additional contributions by Judith T Kenny.

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Location Info

Highway 20
Sisters, OR

Coordinates: 44.42400871617809, -121.85004684017065

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