Atlantic Station Post Office (demolished) – Virginia Beach VA


The former Atlantic Station post office was originally constructed as Virginia Beach’s Main Post Office in 1937. A Section of Fine Arts mural by artist John H.R. Pickett was installed in the post office in 1939.

Unfortunately, the building was razed in 2009 after being purchased by Walgreens. The re-development of the property took place despite opposition by local officials, businesses and other citizens.

A 2009 local newspaper reported:

The 72-year-old Oceanfront post office faces possible demolition next year.

‘Walgreens has purchased that building,’ said Mac Rawls, chairman of the city’s Historic Preservation Commission. ‘They are scheduled to tear it down – they’ve already applied for demolition permits.’

‘We have absolutely no leverage as a city, over what they can do,’ Rawls added. ‘And that’s a shame. We’d really like a chance to discuss adaptive reuse of that building.’

Robert Elfinger, a spokesperson for Walgreens, said the national drugstore chain has already considered reusing the building but decided it wouldn’t work…

The 1939 painting, ‘Old Dominion Conversation Piece’ by artist John H.R. Pickett, was an original commissioned by the Treasury Department’s Section of Fine Arts. At the time, said Fran Sansone, spokesperson for the post service, the Treasury Department had pieces of artwork commissioned for its post offices.

In July, the Atlantic Station had the mural removed before the local post office closed. The painting has since been restored and will likely be sent to another Virginia Beach post office.”


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Location Info

2400 Atlantic Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Coordinates: 36.85232, -75.97646

One comment on “Atlantic Station Post Office (demolished) – Virginia Beach VA

  1. K.Anne mccurdy

    Why is this mural now partially covered with a usps blue flag and not removed and preserved? The paperwork from the commissioned artist and the commissioner are still very visible and not covered.

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