Betty Bacharach Home for Afflicted Children (former) Addition – Longport NJ


Longport, New Jersey’s Betty Bacharach Home for Afflicted Children was constructed in 1924, before the Great Depression. However, the federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed an addition, featuring a “new physiotherapy pool and treatment unit” at the site starting in 1936.

The old Betty Bacharach Home is now the Borough Hall building.

Source notes

"The Dawn," a New Jersey WPA publication; June 1936 issue, page 7. Found at the Jersey City Public Library's New Jersey Room.

Project originally submitted by Evan Kalish on January 7, 2015.

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Location Info

2305 Atlantic Avenue
Longport, NJ 08403

Coordinates: 39.3122, -74.5279

16 comments on “Betty Bacharach Home for Afflicted Children (former) Addition – Longport NJ

  1. John (Jack) Gesswein

    I was a resident of the home as a child about 1950. My name is John A. (Jackie) Gesswein. If you still have posters from that period you will see my face on the cover. If not, I can send you a copy.
    I am writing to express my gratitude to the Home and the Shriners who sponsored me. Thanks to you I was not only able to walk, I was able to serve my country with 20 years in the United States Marine Corps.
    I am now retired and living the life in South Florida. I will be eternally grateful to those that took care of me as a child and made my life possible. Thanks you all…

    John A. (Jackie) Gesswein

    [email protected]

  2. Lisa DeGraw

    My brother lived at the home for a couple of years starting when he was only 5. He had debilitating asthma. It is very interesting to me to see come across this site. I’d love to know more about the home and especially any photos that exist. We have a photo but it’s only of the playground. Thank you!

  3. Pat Wolf

    Jack Gesswein, did you by any chance know a child by the name of Sheldon Treiser that resided there in the 60’s? He was probably about 8-10 years old and passed away around that time also. I loved him so much and will always remember our trip there to visit him.

  4. Joseph riess

    I was their around 1965 to 1966 I was around 12 I remember a few names of friends I had like Mike Baker, Mike ferris, Curtis I can’t remember his last nane,and Joseph kool if anyone reads this and knows any of these guys please contact me I would love to hear from you

  5. Hello all. My brother was a patient there for three years around 1964-1967. His name was Robert Bernauer. He had debilitating asthma and life threatening allergies. I remember going to visit him every other Saturday/Sunday and sitting in the big lobby. He was like the mayor – wheeling others in and out of their rooms to visit people!

    I have a postcard from Atlantic City with the Home on it!

    He has long since passed (1970). Miss him dearly.

  6. My brother was there too. As a toddler ( born in 63) and he lived there for I think 2 years due to severe asthma. I was only a year older so don’t remember alot. But definitely grateful for the care as he is still with us today (2020). Interesting to see the site.

  7. Priscilla Clemens

    In the late 60’s early 70’s I brought a horse over so the kids could get up close and personal with her. “Baby” was a real character and loved kids. Kids with Disabilities were her favorites. She was always stead and gentle with everyone but more so with kids that needed extra care.

    My grandmother used to go and pick bushes of fresh fruits and veggies when it was no longer cost effective for the farmer to pick them Betty Bacharach was one of her stops to deliver them. She felt everyone needed fresh fruits and veggies – kids especially!

  8. Michael Lee Tynes

    My name is Michael Tynes I was born 1/4/1961 I was a patient there for the age of 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 years in the facility my mother tells me that I was expelled from the facility for playing with matches in the back I remember a big nurse named Hannah when I did bad she would make me pucker my lips and take her to Singas and putt me on my lips I remember a teacher very nice name is Bebe She was very beautiful nice person I remember

  9. Sidney Semidey

    Hello. I am Sidney Semidey and I was there in those days. I was there for childhood asthma. I remember Hannah the food lady. I also remember Bolger, Baker, Sheldon, Mrs. McGuff, Virgie, Robert Gant, Warren Dykes, Claudia Sebastian and Michael Tynes. Hey Michael, hope all is well.

  10. Sidney Semidey

    Yes I knew him very very bright kid

  11. lori ray

    looking for anyone who might have been a patient from 1948 to mother was there for almost 8 yrs

  12. Andrew Abrams

    My grandfather, Joseph Abrams, was the Director in the 1930’s. During his tenure he was awarded Man of the Year in Atlantic City. My mother, Berenda Abrams nee Weinberg worked there as teenage assistant and later as a young adult as an Occupational Therapist. All my life I thought the name was the Betty Bacharach Home for Wayward Children – a mistake only corrected today through a Google search.

  13. Hi Joseph Riess, you were there at the same time my brother was, he was only 5.

  14. I just read many of the comments concerning the Betty Bacharach Home, which was located, I believe, on the boardwalk in Atlantic City.
    I spent (approximately) 6 months during the period 1949-1950. I was diagnosed with Legg, Colve, Perthes disease and my parents were told the expect an 18 month stay. Read up on this disease as it is unique and even today it is not known why it occurs and why it stops. In a nut shell, the blood supply to the femur/ball shuts off. So without the blood supply the head of the femur softens and it becomes an out of shape ball. Treatment in those days was to keep the patient off their feet so that the ball would not lose it’s shape. Eventually the blood supply returns. At some point the blood supply to my bones returned in about 6 months.
    I don’t remember a whole lot it being, about 75 years ago, but one thing I do remember……that was being “rolled” in to a large room and they this box that talked and had pictures………A TELEVISION……I didn’t know what is was, but the picture on the screen was “The Howdy Doody” show.
    I had a normal childhood, but later in life due to the disease I had my right hip replaced in 2004 and my left hip replaced in 2019.
    Many children have had hip placed when they were in their 20’s/30’s. So I was fortunate/
    I understand that these days the patient is given some type of brace to keep the pressure off of the hip.

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