Oklahoma National Guard Armory – Oklahoma City OK


“The Oklahoma National Guard Armory located west of the Capitol at 200 N. E. 23rd Street, is an armory constructed in 1938 by the WPA. In the Depression torn 1930s, the federal government’s WPA project kept food on many an Oklahoma table.

Unlike so many of the native sandstone armories, this one is constructed of light colored brick. Its Art Deco features are classic. A two-story office area projects from the north and west of the main drill hall. The windows have six-over-six double-hung sashes. A panel of vertically set bricks decorates the area between all the first and second story windows. The main entrance on the north has a two-story projected bay with two glass entry doors. Above these doors is a panel of nine windows. Six of these are fixed nine-light windows, with the upper three being double-hung. A double-sided cornerstone on the northeast corner of the building shows the construction date of 1938. Large red letters on the north upper walls read: OKLAHOMA NATIONAL GUARD ARMORY.

A large open drill hall covers the bulk of the rectangular building, with a row of overhead vehicle doors on the east. In days past, these huge drill halls were often used by the community for concerts, social gatherings and exhibits. This armory was originally on the BRAC list for closings, but was removed from the last and has remained open. It is currently used as a Recruiting and Retention office of the National Guard, and occasionally is the venue for community activities.”   (www.waymarking.com)

Source notes

1) https://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WMARGD_Oklahoma_National_Guard_Armory_Oklahoma_City_OK
2) Oklahoma County listing of WPA properties suitable for NRHP listing.

Project originally submitted by hamquilter on November 12, 2013.

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Location Info

200 N. E. 23rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Coordinates: 35.493096, -97.507940

2 comments on “Oklahoma National Guard Armory – Oklahoma City OK

  1. Building looks to be abandoned. Paint is flaking and letters on front of building coming off. What’s the story now?

    • Gabriel Milner

      It’s still in use. You may want to call them about contemporary preservation efforts.

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