North Casper Clubhouse – Casper WY


From 1938 to 1939, young relief workers from the National Youth Administration (NYA) built the North Casper Clubhouse in the city of Casper, Wyoming. Upon finishing the structure, the NYA noted that the “building was planned to meet a pressing need in the North Casper community and has been extensively used by various organizations and activity groups” (Cassity, 213).

NYA workers constructed the building using a unique architectural method known as rammed earth construction. The walls of the clubhouse measure eighteen inches thick and are finished with metal lath, plaster, and stucco. The original design of the building included space for a kitchen, workshop, game room, and stage.

Government officials stated that while the primary purpose was to create a space for young people, the building was open for use by anyone in the community. Since its completion in 1939, the North Casper Clubhouse has served a variety of purposes and functioned as a space for religious worship, wedding receptions, and serving charitable meals to senior citizens.

The North Casper Clubhouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994. The building remains in use today as a rental space often used for weddings, parties, and community gatherings.

Source notes

Michael Cassity, Building Up Wyoming: Depression-Era Federal Projects in Wyoming, 1929-1943, Cheyenne, Wyoming: Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Resources, 2013, p. 213.

National Park Service, "National Register of Historic Places Registration Form: North Casper Clubhouse,"

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Location Info

1002 East L Street
Casper, WY 82601

Coordinates: 42.862080 , -106.31328

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