Murphy’s Brother’s Playground – New York NY


This land was first developed as a playground in 1903 and has been known by several names over the years, including the John J. Murphy Playground and Murphy Park, and now, according to NYC Parks, the Murphy’s Brother’s Playground. In June 1941, Parks announced the completion of improvements to the park:

“This improvement included the demolition and removal of the old wooden pavilion and comfort station and the complete redesign of an outmoded facility, to which a small area has been added because of the alignment of the new East River Drive.

Situated in an intensively developed neighborhood, adjacent to the East River and the East River Drive, the new facilities offer healthful recreation to all age groups. For children there is a completely equipped playground with swings, slides, see-saws, play houses, a sand pit and a shower basin. For adolescents and adults there are handball, basketball, volleyball, shuffle board, paddle tennis and horseshoe pitching courts as well as game tables.

A new modern brick comfort station has been provided and also numerous concrete benches and 32 shade trees.

Plans for the improvement were prepared by the Department of Parks and the work was performed by the Work Projects Administration.”

The park was further improved in the 1990s.

Source notes

Department of Parks, Press Release, June 21, 1941
New York City Parks Department New Deal Projects 1934-43
NYC Parks - Murphy's Brother's Playground

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Location Info

Ave. C and E. 17th St.
New York, NY 10009

Coordinates: 40.730348, -73.973605

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