Municipal Improvements – Franconia NH


Various relief and infrastructure efforts were provided by the New Deal for this small New Hampshire mountain village, population 514 (1930 Census).

From 1933 to 1935, the Public Works Administration conducted a survey for a proposed water project, at a total cost of $488. A federal list of PWA projects constructed mentions that the water works were built and then sold to the town, as town reports mention bond money raised to purchase it.

In 1933, the school superintendent noted, “We expect sometime this year to have the use of a school nurse for a week or more, and with the assistance of the Greenleaf Civics Club to have a dental clinic. This is made possible through C. W. A. aid. Franconia is one of the few towns in the State which does not have either a district or a school nurse. It would be very much worth while if Franconia could combine with some other towns and employ a school nurse.” In 1934, the superintendent also mentioned receiving Federal milk distribution.

In 1936, the WPA provided labor for reconstruction efforts after the devastating flood of 1936. That year, the Franconia Ski Club reported that the PWA contributed labor to ski trail maintenance on Scrag Mountain, in addition to the efforts of National Youth Administration volunteers.

Source notes

Annual Financial Report Of The Town Officers of Franconia, N.H.

Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works Projects and Statistics Division Alphabetical Index to Non Federal Projects page 72

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on March 27, 2015.

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Location Info

Franconia, NH 03580

Coordinates: 44.227089, -71.745962

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