Municipal Auditorium/City Armory/Gymnasium – McComb MS


McComb’s municipal auditorium/city armory/gymnasium on Virginia Avenue served as the armory for Company L, 155th infantry from 1938-1940 (MDAH/Historic Resources Inventory). Constructed by the Work Progress Administration between 1936-1938, the facility was destroyed by fire in 1952. Work on the field house was begun in July 1936, and within a few weeks, the gymnasium and armory components were added. Work was suspended December 1936 when the facility was 30% complete. A February 1937 news item indicated “work will be resumed on the long stagnated combination Field House, Gymnasium and Armory building” (To resume work, p. 1). A. J. Spradlin was the WPA construction supervisor. McComb Lumber and Coal Company secured the contract for supplying mortar mix. Brick was provided by Brookhaven Pressed Brick Company.

Source notes

Mississippi Department of Archives & History. Historic Resources Inventory database. Retrieved from

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Location Info

1003 Virginia Avenue
McComb, Mississippi 39648

Coordinates: 31.2439039, -90.4650191

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