Morristown National Historic Park – Morristown NJ


“Morristown’s Other Army: The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

…In Jockey Hollow the [CCC] men built many of the trails, performed extensive archeology around the Soldiers Huts, Wick Farm and Guerin House. They also constructed the tour road, Wick House garden and replanted the apple orchard at the Wick House…

Next time you are in a park, especially Jockey Hollow, take a minute to appreciate the hard work that had to be done for us to enjoy Jockey Hollow and other public lands the way we do today. If you would like to learn more about the CCC at Morristown NHP join one of the many CCC related Ranger led activities.”   (

A Daily Record article from the 1930s read: “‘The great Roosevelt Dam, only a few miles from Morristown, is in the process of construction. When the army came to Jockey Hollow, its experts discovered that the old spring the Continental soldiers used a century and a half ago wouldn’t yield sufficient drinking water for over 200 lusty reforesters, so they decided to impound the stream at a point about a quarter of a mile south of the spring. For four days a gang of 20 boys has been at work on the construction of this miniature pond, and the work is about completed… Altogether, five small brooks contribute to the new Roosevelt Lake…The kitchen storehouse…canned goods…are received from the government commissary on Governor’s Island in the East River…Fresh vegetables and other perishable foods are purchased from local merchants.…’ (June 17, 1933)”  (

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Location Info

Morristown National Historic Park
Morristown, NJ 07960

Coordinates: 40.765029, -74.531793

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