Mokelumne River Flood Control/Mosquito Abatement – Lodi CA


The Woodbridge Dam, built in the 1890s, created Lodi Lake, along the Mokelumne River in Lodi. The New Deal project of "flood control on the Mokelumne River, mosquito abatement, and erosion control" consisted of the removal of brush, downed trees, and the elimination of stagnant pools along the Mokelumne River between the Woodbridge Dam and the Cherokee Lane bridge, especially at Lodi Lake. CWA workers installed riprap for erosion control at Lodi Lake and built berms for flood control. CWA workers cleared the irrigation ditches of weeds.

Source notes

"Payroll for CWA in Greater Lodi District in three weeks $18,624," Lodi News Sentinel, January 6, 1934, page 1. 
$23,936 paid out by CWA on Lodi Enterprises," Lodi News Sentinel, January 13, 1934, page 1. 
"Lodi's CWA payroll is $5,930 during week," Lodi News Sentinel, January 20, 1934, page 1.
"SERA Program in San Joaquin to be Delayed," Lodi News Sentinel, March 29, 1935, page 3. 
"Lodi CWA work thing of the past: SERA which will replace CWA, will start about April 16," Lodi News Sentinel, April 3, 1934, page 3.
"SERA to Return here today. A number of men employed on the mosquito control project failed to report and get their checks," Lodi News Sentinel, August 30, 1935, page 3. 
"Mosquito Control Crew to Start on Mokelumne Monday," Lodi News Sentinel, November 15, 1935, page 1.

Online submission by Suga Moriwaki with the San Joaquin Historical Society and Museum

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1101 W. Turner Road
Lodi, CA

Location notes:

Coordinates: 38.153600, -121.299320

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