Mohawk Park Hatchery – Tulsa OK


“WPA projects both directly and indirectly affected fish and wildlife. More than 300 fish hatcheries were built or enlarged nationwide. Creating fish hatcheries was important economically, as well as for sport fisherman….Some of the fish hatcheries established or improved by WPA were located in or near Cherokee, Durant, Lawton, Tishomingo, Krebs, Lake Overholser in Oklahoma City, and Mohawk Park in Tulsa.

A fish hatchery is on the city lake at Holdenville in Hughes County, where the WPA built a caretaker cottage and office building. With few details of location given, fish hatcheries have been hard to locate 70 years later. At one point in time, the Armstrong/Durant Fish Hatchery was one of the largest in the world.”

–Leaning on a Legacy

Source notes

Marjorie Barton, _Leaning on a Legacy: The WPA in Oklahoma_, Oklahoma Heritage Association, 2008. Pg. 23.

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Location Info

Mohawk Park
Tulsa, OK

Location notes: The hatchery is located in or near Mohawk Park.

Coordinates: 36.2211997, -95.89343380000003

6 comments on “Mohawk Park Hatchery – Tulsa OK

  1. Joan West

    I am trying to find out if you offer tours for school age summer camps. The children range in age from 5-12 years.

    • Evan Kalish

      Hello, you’ll have to check with the official municipal / park website for that kind of information. We merely document some of this location’s historic roots.

  2. Joan West

    Thanks for your help.

  3. Jim Chastain

    My Dad was one of the men employed by the WPA and he had told myself and siblings that he worked in Oklahoma during the time of The New Deal but im not finding information of the workmen back then could you point me in a productive and positive direction. He was born in 1912 his name was James Arthur Chastain. He was of French and Cherokee Indian decent. Do you have any information on projects he possibly worked on that may still be in existence today i could visit

  4. Jim Chastain

    Ok thank you for your information and anyone in the tlsa area have any information on any of this topic please let me know if you have any ideas of where i might find more information my family is very interested in the facts, sites towns and what project our Dad worked on that are still standing today so we may travel to se them. Please help us and thank you for any information even the smallest info may help

  5. could anyone send me old picture of the hatchery and building that used to be at the Mohawk park? its for a history reports. It would be greatly appreciated.

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