Main Post Office – Charleston WV


Two-story neo-classical building of granite and limestone was built by the Algeron Blair Construction Company of Montgomery, Alabama out of thirty bids placed for the project. The building features six over six double hung windows sash windows, pedimental entrance, Greek keys on the lintels. A 1974 brick expansion was built to the east. The Algeron Blair Construction Company also built the low-cost housing project called Littlepage Terrace in west Charleston.

The construction began in November 1940. The building opened on 22 June 1942. It was limited in height to two stories because of war-time restrictions, but designed to have three additional stories added to suit future needs. The new post office was reported to be one of the few in the country with a financial section. Opening off of Lee Street is a bank design for sale of money orders, war bonds, and stamps. The Dickinson street front of the lobby was designed “for handling parcel post, bulk mail, COD mail, registered mail and claims.”

The Charleston Arch by sculptor Charles Ginnever was built in 1980 on the Lee and Dickenson Street corner.

Source notes

"Downtown Charleston Historic District National Register Nomination"
Corner stone
$377,964 Low Bid for New Post Office,” Charleston Gazette August 24, 1940, p. 2.
“Charleston’s New $850,000 Post Office Opens Tomorrow” Charleston Gazette June 21, 1942, p. 4.

Project originally submitted by Evan Kalish & Ernest Everett Blevins on March 14, 2017.

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Location Info

1002 South Lee St.
Charleston, WV 25301

Coordinates: 38.349963, -81.631726

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