LeMoyne Gardens – Memphis TN


Located on 26 acres, containing 60 buildings and 500 apartments, and with a cost of $1,446,043, the facility was constructed for occupancy by African Americans. In 1942, $1,500,000 was expended to add 100 2-story units encompassing an additional 15 acres to house African American war workers.

Source notes

Johnson, J., & Johnston, J. (March 18, 1996). Public Housing Projects in Memphis, Tennessee 1936-1943. National Register of Historic Places nomination form. US Department of Interior: National Park Service.

Project originally submitted by Susan Allen on December 27, 2014.

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Location Info

Memphis, Tennessee 38126

Location notes: bounded by Walker Ave., Porter St., Provine Ave. and Neptune Street

Coordinates: 35.121948, -90.034566

One comment on “LeMoyne Gardens – Memphis TN

  1. John Eddie Bennem

    I lived in the LeMoyne Gardens projects as a child. Where I lived it bordered a grassy area we called it a park and along Porter street was a grocery store. I remember helping with groeries for monies that was given me for carrying the food goods . It was most likely pennies. I remember funnily looking for coins along the sidewalk of the large grass area which I’m going to call the park for children to play. This was a large grassy area and at one end was a sand box and what we called the Monkey Polls . This was near the entertainment center and in front of that was the park office. Their was groups of singers that would perform in there and I remember looking in . I don’t remember the groups names , maybe the Blind Boys but for sure an Uncle that was called Dan Taylor : It was Religious music I’m remembering it was.
    A movie show ( Theater ) was near the projects where I would attend on weekends if I could come up with the candy bar rappers and 10 cent. I would walk around this sidewalk and grassy area looking for coins so I could find the fare to get in the movie.

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We welcome contributions of additional information on any New Deal project site.

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