Ken Lindley Park Improvements – Prescott AZ


The former City Park and Athletic Field (now the Ken Lindley Park) originated in 1908, but major improvements were made with relief labor provided by the Civil Works Administration (CWA) in the winter of 1933-34.  It is likely that after the CWA was discontinued in early 1934, the stone work was completed under the auspices of the Arizona Emergency Relief Administration and largely funded by the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA).  

The main work done by the New Deal crews was to build the elegant stone walls that enclose the entire square block, and which serve as retaining walls on the south and east sides of the park. On the west and north sides of the park, there are entrance gates flanked by stone pillars. A single large pillar marks the northeast corner of the park, across from the Museum of Indigenous People.  Almost all the New Deal stonework is intact, though cyclone fencing has been added on top of most of it.

In addition, the CWA added a long stretch of stone and concrete bleachers along the east side of the large grass field so that the public could watch sporting events.  The field itself was probably leveled and replanted at the same time.

Uphill and to the east of the field is a parking lot and then another retaining wall with steps up to four tennis courts. The courts were built by the CWA as part of the park improvements.

Above and beyond the tennis courts is yet another high, stone, retaining wall that supports the parking lot for the old armory, built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA).  This wall was most likely part of the CWA work, which it matches.

The sidewalks around the parking lots are marked by WPA stamps (see linked project). 

The baseball field at the southwest corner of the park, with its elegant Art Deco/Moderne entrance and grandstands, was built in 1931 and is not New Deal.  The north end of Ken Lindley Park is occupied by a skateboard area and a playground added in the 2000s.  The main playing field is used primary for soccer today. 

The Ken Lindley field is part of the Prescott Armory Historic District, which was placed on the National Register in 1994.  The latter includes the Prescott Citizen’s Cemetery, Museum of Indigenous People, and former National Guard Armory (now the Grace Sparke’s Activity Center).


Source notes

"The New Deal in Arizona: Connections to Our Historic Landscape," The Arizona Chapter of the National New Deal Preservation Association. 2012.

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Project originally submitted by Joan Greer on April 13, 2022.

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Location Info

E. Gurley St.
Prescott, AZ 86301

Coordinates: 34.542732, -112.4599

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