Gymnasium and Vocational Building – Inverness MS


A Public Works Administration (W1003) loan ($15,000) and grant ($12,641) were approved August 5, 1935 to construct a gymnasium and three vocational classrooms at the Inverness high school which had been built in 1922. A bond election was held to finance the remainder and the Hattiesburg American reported it was approved in October 1935. Construction began on October 24, 1935 and was completed on April 14, 1936. The school building was sold following federally-ordered integration and was operated as the private Central Delta Academy until it closed in 2010. The church that had owned and operated the private school proceeded with demolition in spite of efforts from the local community, preservationists, and volunteer architectural restoration offers to save the school building and renovate for community use.

Source notes

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Project originally submitted by Susan Allen on October 29, 2017.

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Location Info

Old Highway 49 W
Inverness, MS 38753

Location notes: Between 2nd and 3rd Streets

Coordinates: 33.353170, -90.589808

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