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The Works Progress Administration built a new City Hall for Hearne in 1941. The former Hearne City Hall is located on the corner of 3rd and Cedar Streets. Built of native rock with white trim the building houses the city hall, fire station, and city council chamber. The council chamber was furnished with mahogany seats for those who wished to attend the meetings. The building was equipped with fluorescent lighting.

This was the first building specifically built for a city hall since Hearne was incorporated in 1871. The contractor for the work was Lawrence Brady of Hearne.

(The fire station bays have been enclosed and the building is currently the Hearne Municipal Court.)

Source notes

The Hearne Democrat, Hearne, TX, 07 Nov 1941, Fri • Page 1 (, accessed June 12, 2018.

Hearne Democrat 02/21/1941
(, accessed June 12, 2018.

Project originally submitted by Eveline Evans on June 11, 2018.

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Location Info

210 Cedar St.
Hearne, TX 77859

Location notes: 30.880317, -96.596733

Coordinates: 30.8802072, -96.5971245

2 comments on “City Hall (former) – Hearne TX

  1. Kent Brunette

    Steam whistles of train locomotives passing through town were routinely punctuating the air. The Hearne Depot was in its heyday. Even more steam whistles were coming from the cotton compress and other cotton-related downtown concerns. There was a steady hum from the city’s power plant next door. Singer Kate Smith had only recently first sung “God Bless America.” President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was beginning his third term in office. In 1941, as storm clouds were gathering far across the sea, the City of Hearne built its first-ever city hall in the form of a WPA New Deal structure. Endangered Old Hearne City Hall has been an important part of local history in the intervening 80 or so years.

    Current city officials are planning to tear down this venerable structure to make way for an $8 million non-descript new fire/police/city council chamber building.

  2. Lisa Inman

    Why tear it down? Nonsense. Why can’t the City Of Hearne fix the road’s here,we drive on or try to drive on everyday? Eastside roads are ridiculous!!!!! Water floods our roads every time it rains!!!!! Have to wear rubber boots just to get in and to your house. Need to fix our roads before getting any kind of new buildings!!! Preserve the ones we have!!!!!!!

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