Eureka High School Industrial Education Building – Eureka CA


“As Eureka city school students returned to begin the 1938-1939 school year, great changes were in the air. While the dark storm clouds of war brewed in Europe, the United States economy was continuing its recovery from the now decade-long Great Depression. As the national unemployment rate began to diminish, a slew of new construction projects were being proposed for the Eureka public school system. At the center of local projects were proposals for four new elementary schools and, most strikingly, a new manual labor/industrial education building for Eureka High School. In order for the projects to be completed, Eureka public schools voters would have to approve a new school bonds initiative. If passed, the initiative would receive a forty-five percent matching federal grant from the Public Works Administration (PWA). As part of President Franklin Delano Roosevelts economic recovery plan, the PWA was putting tens of thousands of people back to work on various construction projects throughout the nation. Although not comparable in scale to other massive building projects around the country, Roosevelts New Deal was about to arrive for one of its greatest single projects in Eureka the Industrial Arts building at Eureka High School.”

– Parker

Source notes

Project Submitted by Craig Parker

Parker, Craig. "A study of the New Deal's impact on a small community : Eureka, California, 1937 - 1939."

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Location Info

1915 J Street
Eureka, CA 95501

Location notes:

Coordinates: 40.790302, -124.158874

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