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Ethel Bisbee School was one of several schools that were improved with Civil Works Administration (CWA) funds in Bethel. The work consisted of painting the interior and exterior of the building, and the labor was paid for the most part with CWA funds. The CWA expenditure was $1236.00 for all school improvements in Bethel.

Excerpt from the Annual Reports of the Officers of the Town of Bethel:

“1933 Superintendent of Schools
Through the funds furnished by the Civil Works Administration milk has been provided each school day to meet the needs of 60 undernourished children. Enough funds have been secured to carry this project through the remainder of the school year. At the present time, Miss Kathryn Williamson, a nurse from the State Department of Health, is in town checking up on the children who are malnourished and who have defective teeth and tonsils. The school buildings are all in a very fine condition. The following buildings have been painted outside through the medium of funds obtained from the Civil Works Administration : West Bethel, North West Bethel, Middle Intervale, and the Primary building.

Supperintendent of Schools
We regret that the funds for milk, furnished last year by the Civil Works Administration for undernourished children, were discontinued. At the present time soup, etc., is being supplied to supplement the lunches of the pupils, the materials being provided by the Emergency Relief Administration, and the equipment for serving the same in the village schools is being furnished by the Parent-Teacher Association.
The school buildings are in fairly good condition. All excepting one have been painted inside and out, most of the labor being paid for by the Civil Works Administration, the amount from that source was $1236.00.”

Source notes

Annual Reports of the Officers of the Town of Bethel.

Correspondence with local historical societies requesting information and photographs of schools in Bethel.

Photos courtesy of the Bethel Historical Society.

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on October 4, 2018.
Additional contributions by Mr. Campbel - Bethel Historical Society.

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Location Info

21 Philbrook St.
Bethel , ME

Coordinates: 44.4062748, -70.7888479

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